UC Berkeley Library

43rd Annual Clio Awards, 2002

This program presents the 2002 winners of the gold,silver, and bronze Clio awards. Entries includePepsi's 'Beckham,' Visa's 'Dining out,' Blockbuster's 'Carl and Ray--Kung Fu,' Budweiser's 'Mr. ProWrestling Wardrobe Designer,' Nike's 'Freestyle,'Toyota Corolla's 'School,' AT&T's 'I'm okay,'Neutrogena Skincare's 'Glasses,' Audi A3's 'Babysitter,' Sylvania Lighting's 'Old man,' Heinekin USA's 'Birthof a sign,' Sealy Mattress's 'Boy,' Volkswagen of America's 'Ransom,' Bright Dairys' 'Football,' FloridaDepartment of Health's 'Language class (Swahili),'Feeding Children Better's 'Ketchup soup,' and the National Safety Council's 'Damage.' 129 min.