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Faculty Fellows

From 2003 to 2007, forty-eight UC Berkeley faculty were selected to participate in the Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship on Undergraduate Research. Priority was given to faculty teaching large-enrollment, lower-division, and service courses, and courses required for a major, particularly those with the potential to reach the largest number of students and have the greatest impact on campus curricula.

Tenure-track professors, adjunct faculty, and lecturers interested in revising their courses to offer greater opportunities for student engagement in research using the Library's print or digital collections and faculty committed to mentoring undergraduates in scholarly research and discovery were encouraged to apply.

Fellows were required to participate in an annual Mellon Faculty Institute, to contribute to public forums related to the project, to complete a revised student research assignment in consultation with the project's Academic Partners, and to participate in evaluating the Fellowship experience.

In exchange, Fellows received a $2000 stipend, individualized consultation services provided by academic support experts in the areas of information literacy, pedagogy, library resources, educational technology, writing, course evaluation, assessment of student learning, and working with Graduate Student Instructors.

Fellows could apply for up to $1000 in educational technology funding, up to $2000 for the purchase or digitization of library materials, and Innovation Funds to support the institutionalization of changes related to the development of undergraduate research skills and experiences. Innovation Funds were used for such things as assessing the impact of research assignments on student learning and the development of curricula and adaptable teaching tools incorporating information competencies, research skills and information resources as integral components.

Beginning in 2005-2006, the project introduced a parallel structure of Mellon Librarian Fellows.


Project Manager: Pat Davitt Maughan | Project Director: Elizabeth Dupuis

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