Selected Handouts
Summary Evaluations


Selected Handouts

2006 Instititute Activities & Worksheets

Day 1

Introductions: Shared Experiences with Research
Defining Research
Research Skills for Undergraduates

Day 2

Student Assignment: Immigration to California, 1865-1990
Instructors' Assumptions & Librarians' Observations
Assignment Goals & Learning Outcomes

Day 4

The Role of GSIs in Guiding Undergraduate Research

Day 5

My Teaching in a Box
My Teaching in a Box Worksheet

2006 Institute Factsheets

Day 1

[Faculty] Experiences of Research
Selected Student Data Extracted from the 2005 UCUES Survey
2005 UCUES Survey Results, Part I:
Student Time Use & Overall Satisfaction

2005 UCUES Survey Results: Student Goals & Aspirations

Day 2

Students and Library Research
Qualities Students Expect of Faculty Assignments
Librarian Support in Large Enrollment Courses
Learning Outcomes for Research Assignments
Example: Assignment Goals & Learning Outcomes
Sample Annotated Assignment: Political Science 120A
Library Research Worksheet: Political Science 120A
Using Educational Technology Services
Course Activities Supported by bSpace

Day 3

Assignment Design Checklist
Assessment of Student Learning

Day 4

Checklist: Components of a Comprehensive Course Syllabus

Day 5

2006-2007 Funds for Mellon Fellows
2006-2007 Mellon Innovation Funds
Next Steps with 2006-2007 Fellowship

2006 Other handouts

Librarian Roles in Changing Environments: Extending the Library's Role in Curriculum & Faculty Development
UC Berkeley Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship for Undergraduate Research

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