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An ambitious evaluation framework was designed and implemented over the course of the Project. This permitted the Mellon Foundation, the Steering Committee, and the Berkeley campus to determine the extent to which project objectives were met and to measure the Project's impact on individual faculty members, the campus culture of teaching and learning, and on student learning itself.

UC Berkeley lacks a central campus evaluation and assessment office. As a consequence, the Mellon Steering Committee developed assessment expertise within the current staff by inviting a Berkeley librarian to take on the role of Assessment Consultant and work intensively with multiple Faculty Fellows each year. The Assessment Consultant has worked to ensure that key elements were present in the research assignments of these Fellows, namely, stated learning outcomes related to the research process, an assignment design that elicited evidence of key learning outcomes, and criteria for assessing student performance. Experiences working closely with key faculty have proven useful in identifying strategies for discussing assessment with the faculty at large and in developing assessment models and instruments that can be applied in other courses.

In year four of the Project, an Evaluation Subcommittee of the Steering Committee worked with an Evaluation Consultant from the School of Education to complete and implement the Project's Evaluation Framework.

Project Manager: Pat Davitt Maughan | Project Director: Elizabeth Dupuis

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