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Much of the campus collaboration supporting the Mellon Fellowship for Undergraduate Research has occurred under the aegis of the Campus Academic Partners group. Developing information-based research skills within the curriculum requires a shared commitment from faculty, librarians, educational technologists, and other campus pedagogical experts. Working as a team, they can set about revising undergraduate courses and assignments to provide greater opportunities for students to engage in scholarly research and discovery through the use of the Library's extensive print and digital collections.

This collaboration occurs at Berkeley in a variety of venues including the Mellon Steering Committee; the Mellon Fellows' Implementation Teams; and the work of the University Library's subject and instruction specialists. In turn, these collaborations have led the University Library to assume more active roles in other campus-wide initiatives, including the biennial e-Berkeley Symposium, the annual Distinguished Teaching Award, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process, campus academic planning, and the Council of Academic Partners.

Project Manager: Pat Davitt Maughan | Project Director: Elizabeth Dupuis

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