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Library of Congress Subject Classifications in the Mathematics Statistics Library

Q=Science General

Q300...Q336 Cybernetics
Q331-Q335 Artificial intelligence
Q350...Q385 Information theory

QA=Mathematics General

QA1 Periodicals
QA3 Collected works
QA5 Dictionaries and encyclopedias
QA7 Addresses, essays, lectures
QA8 Philosophy
QA9..QA10 Mathematical logic
QA9.3-QA9.37 Classical logic systems
QA9.4-QA9.5 Nonclassical formal systems
QA9.54 Proof theory
QA9.56-QA9.59 Constructive mathematics
QA9.6-QA9.63 Recursion theory
QA9.65-QA9.8 Methodology of deductive sytems
QA10 Algebraic logic
QA11...QA20 Study and teaching. Research
QA16-QA20 Special teaching methods and aids
QA21...QA33 History
QA21 General
QA22 Ancient
QA23 Modern
QA26 By region or country, A-Z
QA27 Women in mathematics
QA28..QA29 Biography
QA30 Directories
QA31 Medieval
QA32 1501-1700
QA33 1701-1800
QA36 General works
QA40 Handbooks, manuals, etc.
QA41 Formulas, notation, abbreviations
QA42 Problems, exercises, examinations
QA47...QA59 Tables
QA71...QA90 Instruments and machines
QA75 Calculating machines
QA75.5...QA76.95 Computer Science
QA76 General works
QA76.7 Programming languages
QA93 Popular works
QA95 Mathematical recreations
QA99 Miscellany and curiosa
QA101...QA145 Elementary mathematics

QA150...QA272 Algebra

QA150 Periodicals, societies, congresses, serials collections, yearbooks
QA152-QA155 Textbooks
QA157 Problems, exercises, examinations
QA162 Abstract algebra
QA164 Combinatorics
QA166 Graph theory
QA169 Homological algebra
QA171 Theory of groups
QA171.5 Lattice theory
QA184...QA205 Linear and multilinear algebras. Matrices
QA184 General works
QA186 Vector spaces
QA188-QA199 Matrices
QA200 Vector and tensor algebras
QA211...QA224 Theory of equations
QA219 Graph algebra
QA221 Approximation theory
QA241...QA255 Theory of numbers
QA247 Algebraic fields. Algebraic numbers
QA248 Foundations of arithmetic. Set theory
QA252.3 Lie Algebra
QA267...QA272 Machine Theory. Abstract Machines. Abstract Automata

QA273...QA275 Probabilities

QA274 Stochastic Processes
QA275 Theory of errors

QA276...QA299 Mathematical Statistics

QA278 Multivariate analysis
QA292 Sequences
QA297...QA299 Numerical analysis

QA297 Series
QA298 Numerical simulation. Monte Carlo methods

QA299.6...QA433 Analysis

QA303...QA316 Calculus
QA319...QA326 Functional analysis
QA329 Operator theory
QA331...QA360 Theory of functions
QA370...QA387 Differential equations
QA401...QA433 Analytical methods used in the solution of physical problems

QA440...QA699 Geometry

QA451...QA477 Elementary geometry
QA481...QA497 Special topics in plane geometry
QA501...QA529 Descriptive geometry
QA531...QA538 Trigonometry
QA551...QA563 Analytic geometry
QA564...QA581 Algebraic geometry
QA601...QA608 Transformations, correspondences, and general methods for algebraic configurations
QA611...QA699 Topology
QA612 Algebraic topology. Combinatorial topology
QA613 Manifolds and cell complexes
QA614 Global analysis
QA615...QA640 Infinitesimal geometry
QA641...QA699 Differential Geometry

QA801...QA939 Analytic Mechanics

QA841..QA842 Kinematics
QA843...QA871 Dynamics
QA861..QA863 Rigid dynamics
QA865 Theory of vibration. Oscillation.
QA901...QA930 Mechanics of deformable bodies. Fluid mechanics.
QA931...QA939 Elasticity. Plasticity.


Library of Congress. Subject Cataloging Division.
Classification. Class Q, science / Subject Cataloging Division, Processing Services, Library of Congress. 7th ed.
Washington : The Library, 1989.

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