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Mathematics Statistics Library Newsletter
Spring 2010 (All Issues)

  1. Library budget reduction review
  2. Lending our support to arXiv
  3. New resources: Springer Ebooks 2010, NTRL, and Statistics Technical Reports
  4. Keeping up with our New Books list
  5. Staffing changes
  6. Contact Us by IM, Email, Phone

1. Library budget reduction review

The library is in the process of reducing its collections expenditures to address projected shortfalls. For the current fiscal year, we cut 7% from our monograph budgets. Now we need to cut an additional 7.5% from journals and book series. You can read more about these budget actions, and review proposed cancellations in all subject areas, by visiting the Budget Actions Taken in 2009-2010 website [Link broken 6/2013]. Please note that the lists of proposed cuts on this site are restricted to UCB IP addresses.

In the Mathematics Statistics Library, we have chosen to meet our target primarily by going e-only for titles that have a shared print archive and/or secure digital archives at Portico with post-cancellation access rights.

As a reminder, if you have any comments or questions about any of the proposed titles, please send them to by May 7.

2. Lending our support to arXiv

In January, the Cornell University Library (CUL) announced a new funding model for sustaining arXiv, the popular eprint repository for physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics. The new model will ask the top 200 institutional users for voluntary contributions to support the repository. arXiv will remain free for readers and submitters.

We have gotten a number of questions about whether we will be supporting arXiv, and we want to assure you that we will be. As indicated in the press release, UC Berkeley was among the first institutions to pledge its support. And, in fact, all of the UC campuses are now listed among the arXiv 2010 Supporters. Since we are providing financial support, we would strongly encourage researchers to submit their preprints to arXiv, whenever possible based on publisher self-archiving policies, to make them freely and widely available. If you have any questions, please contact .

3. New resources: Springer Ebooks 2010, NTRL, and Statistics Technical Reports

The UC Libraries have decided to continue our Springer Ebooks Pilot with the purchase of the 2010 collection. This means we have online access to most Springer books published from 2005-2010 plus the historic backfiles of some important series such as Lecture Notes in Mathematics and Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Books are available in many subject collections, including Mathematics and Statistics. Library users can continue to take advantage of the MyCopy print-on-demand service to purchase personal softcover copies of many Springer ebooks for $24.95 (including shipping & handling).

UC Berkeley, in conjunction with four other UC campuses, is now providing access to the National Technical Reports Library (NTRL). NTRL is a searchable index of over 2 million reports from the National Technical Information Service, which archives technical reports from U.S. government agencies such as the Departments of Defense, Energy, Transportation, Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Easy access to full text (in PDF) is available for over 500,000 reports. NTRL is searchable by keyword or by report number.

Lastly, with support from Jim Pitman, the library has finished a project to digitize the Statistics Technical Reports series. Most of the historic reports are now available through this library repository, while the most current reports continue to be published on the Department of Statistics Technical Reports website. The library website is a work in progress, but we continue to improve the search capabilities and metadata, and the PDF files are available. The files are also being deposited in the CDL Digital Preservation Repository to help ensure their preservation.

4. Keeping up with our New Books list

Want to be alerted to new books available in the library? In the fall semester, we created an RSS-enabled New Books list using the NextGen Melvyl Pilot. New books are added to the list on Friday as they are being prepared for display on our New Books Shelf on Monday. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to be alerted to new books as they are added. An Introduction to RSS is available courtesy of the Bioscience and Natural Resources Library. [Editor's note: This New Books list based on Melvyl is no longer updated. It has been replaced by the RSS-enabled Recent Acquisitions list generated by OskiCat.]

This joins our other RSS-enabled services such as What's New in the Library, Sciences and Engineering Libraries News, ucbmathlib Bookmarks on delicious, and our Web of Science feed of new journal articles by Berkeley mathematics, statistics, and biostatistics researchers. Subscribe to any or all of them to stay informed about the library.

5. Staffing changes

Due to retirements and the hiring freeze, Brian Quigley is temporarily serving half-time as the Interim Head of the Earth Sciences and Map Library. As a result, he is currently working only half-time in the Mathematics Statistics Library. This situation is expected to last for 18-24 months. Though he is not available in person as often, please do not hesitate to contact Brian with your questions, access problems, and suggestions.

Ted Couch, our operations manager, retired in October 2009 after twenty-plus years with the libraries. On a temporary basis, Michael Villarreal is serving half-time as our Interim Operations Manager. Michael also works as the operations manager for the Physics-Astronomy Library. In addition, Jennifer Osgood continues as our half-time Circulation & Technical Processing Assistant. Please feel free to contact Michael or Jennifer with questions about circulation and course reserves.

6. Contact Us by IM, Email, Phone

If you have any questions or suggestions for the library, feel free to contact us. In addition to the IM service, the librarian is available via email and phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

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