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Mathematics Statistics Library Newsletter
Fall 2007 (All Issues)

  1. New Journal Subscriptions
  2. Journal Backfiles Online
  3. Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences Online
  4. New Reports on Faculty Attitudes toward Scholarly Communication
  5. Website Improvements
  6. Contact Us by IM, Email, Phone

1. New Journal Subscriptions

Over the past year, based on faculty requests, the library has started subscriptions to the following new journals:

Per faculty request, we have also reinstated our print subscription to Duke Mathematical Journal (QA1.D8). We have not received any print issues yet, but they should begin arriving again soon.

2. Journal Backfiles Online

Over the past few months, the library obtained access to a number of important journal backfiles online. For these five titles, you can access every issue online - from the very first one to the most recent.

You can find these electronic journals and more with the library's list of Electronic Journals A-Z.

3. Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences Online

Over the summer, we purchased access to the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences online. This core resource "is viewed as the cutting-edge reference of choice for those working in statistics, probability theory, biostatistics, quality control, and economics with emphasis in applications of statistical methods in sociology, engineering, computer science, biomedicine, psychology, survey methodology, and a host of other client disciplines." The online version includes the full text of the second print edition, the entire original edition, plus supplements and updates.

Sample articles include:

4. New Reports on Faculty Attitudes toward Scholarly Communication

In recent months, University of California researchers have issued two reports on faculty attitudes and behavior with respect to scholarly communication practices. Both studies identify various drivers for change in scholarly publication and communication.

A brief summary can be found in our blog post on Faculty attitudes towards scholarly communication. If you are interested in these issues, stay informed about the changing scholarly publishing landscape by reviewing the Library's Scholarly Communication pages.

5. Website Improvements

In late August, we implemented several new and exciting features on our library website.

  • Ask Us Chat Window
    Ask us questions directly from the chat window on our home page when it shows that ucbmathlib is online.
  • New Books Spotlight
    Discover interesting new books each week as they are highlighted on our home page.
  • Science & Engineering Libraries News
    Learn about new resources and other news through the headlines from our Science & Engineering Libraries News blog.
  • Berkeley Publications from Web of Science
    Discover new articles by UC Berkeley mathematics and statistics researchers as they are automatically added to our home page from Web of Science each week.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about the library website.

6. Contact Us by IM, Email, Phone

If you have any questions or suggestions for the library, feel free to Contact us. The librarian is available via instant message (IM), email, and phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

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