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Logic Collection in the Mathematics Statistics Library

The Mathematics Statistics Library maintains a collection on mathematical logic in support of the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science. Materials on mathematical logic and related areas may be found in the Mathematics Statistics Library, the Doe Library, or the Kresge Engineering Library. This collection is generously supported by the Professor William Craig Endowment Fund for Maintaining Strength in Logic and Related Areas.

The lists below detail the annual purchases for our logic collection over the past several years:

To find other books on mathematical logic and related areas, try these subject searches in OskiCat:

Try a subject keyword search on logic, limited by year, to find all recent logic-related books.

The Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science also maintains its own Logic Library of reprints, dissertations, key texts, and other materials in the Alfred Tarski Room (727 Evans). This collection is for use by faculty and graduate students.

To recommend a logic-related book for the library, please complete our Purchase Recommendation Form and select "Logic & the Methodology of Science" as the subject.

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