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Placing Public Health Library Material on Course Reserve

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  • Submit course reserves requests to the library as soon as possible to allow adequate time for processing or purchasing.

  • If you are teaching the same class as in a previous semester, and the reserves list will be similar to a previous list, you can submit a copy of that form in place of the standard reserve form. Make changes on the old list, and send it to Nga Tran, Sheldon Margen Public Health Library, 1 University Hall #7360.

  • If you have an assistant handling the preparation of your reserve lists, please give the copy of the previous list to her or him along with the guidelines below.

  • Information on using copyrighted works, from the University of California.

  • Reserves lists are processed in the order they are received. Those arriving late may not be processed in time for students to have access to the material when they need it.

  • If you have questions about course reserve policies, or if you have not received a copy of your previous reserve list from a class you will be repeating, please contact Nga Tran at the Public Health Library, (510) 642-2511, or email publcirc@library.berkeley.edu.


Please provide these guidelines to whoever prepares your lists for Public Health Library reserves.

  1. Enter citations into the Course Reserve Request Form. Include author's name, title, and edition. If a desired book is owned by another BerkeleyB library and you wish to have it temporarily shelved here, please also include its call number and location.

    Please do not check out books from other BerkeleyB libraries to place on reserve at the Public Health Library. This complicates the process and can result in fines from the owning unit. Try to limit lists to a maximum of twenty-five items; there are many classes requiring reserves, but space to hold them and staff to process them are limited.

  2. If a course had reserves in a previous semester and is being offered again by the same faculty member now, a copy of the previous list should have been mailed to you prior to the beginning of the semester. If the same material is to be requested this year, just send that list back to the Public Health Library noting any needed changes. If the previous semester's list was expected but not received, contact Nga Tran at the Public Health Library, (510) 642-2511, or email publcirc@library.berkeley.edu.

  3. Indicate a loan period (2 hours or 1 day), and whether or not a 2 hour item should be Library Use Only. If no preference is indicated, items will be given 2 hour loan period.

  4. If you have a personal copies/photocopies, please fill out the Course Reserve Personal Copy Form and take it to the library circulation desk along with your materials. Your materials will be returned to you after the end of the semester. The Library does not place journals on reserve but accepts photocopies of articles. (Title 17, United States Code, governs the reproduction of copyrighted material. In accepting photocopies for reserve, the UC Berkeley Library assumes that the copy or copies have been made in compliance with the Fair Use Provisions of Section 107. For more information on UC copyright policies, please see the UC Copyright Education website.)

  5. If photocopied articles are to be placed on reserve, binding material must provided for them (i.e. binder or manila folder), and care should be taken that the copies are made with sufficient margin on the left or top to allow them to be attached to that binding and still be able to be read and/or photocopied by borrowers. The library does not provide binders or folders.

  6. Please consider making use of the Library's extensive collection of electronic books and electronic journals. These items can be linked to bCourses. More information is available at Course Readings in bCourses.

If you have questions about placing materials on course reserve or if you wish to check the status of your course reserve list, feel free to contact Nga Tran or email publcirc@library.berkeley.edu.