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Depositing Guidelines

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The basic information for depositing material at the NRLF is listed below. Please consult your campus storage coordinator for more detailed information. You may also contact Deposit Services at NRLF. It is especially useful to do so if you have material that is unusually difficult to prepare.

Depositing Libraries are considered the owners and managers of the materials they deposit in NRLF. For materials collaboratively purchased and designated as prospective UC Libraries Collections, ownership is shared among all UC campuses. Legal ownership of UC material is retained by the Regents of the University of California. In order to assure appropriate use of the Facility, unless otherwise specified, it is expected that material deposited at NRLF be intended for permanent storage.

Material Eligible and Not Eligible for Deposit

Materials may be in any physical form normally considered appropriate for library collections with the following exceptions:

  • Materials that duplicate items already in storage at a UC Regional Library Facility are proscribed except where justified by an approved UC Libraries collection management plan for selective systemwide retention of duplicate copies. Exceptions to the general policy may be made by the Board. Special Collections material is exempted from this policy. (Guidelines for RLF Duplication Screening)
  • Materials in an advanced state of deterioration are not ordinarily accepted.
  • Highly flammable or potentially explosive items (e.g., nitrate films) are prohibited, as are items infested by mold, insects, or other vermin.


  • Book and Book-Like Material
    Each depositing library is responsible for providing a machine-readable bibliographic record for all book and book-like items deposited. The record standards and format must be compatible with the UC Union catalog. Because the primary means of retrieving the material at NRLF is the facility inventory control number, the records must also be capable of accommodating that number. All UC holdings at the Facility must be listed in the UC Union Catalog. Inclusion of non-UC materials in the UC Union Catalog is a policy matter determined by the UC Office of the President in consultation with the Shared Library Facilities Board. Contact NRLF for more information.
  • Non-Book Material
    Depositing libraries must provide a machine readable minimum storage record for non-book material, the content of the record to be specified by the Board.

Requests to Deposit

Requests to deposit material are reviewed on a regular basis by the NRLF Director and the Shared Library Facilities Board as set out in the Board's Procedures for Annual Management of Deposits to the UC Regional Library Facilities. Acceptance of deposit requests for accessioning is based upon the ability of the requesting library to meet conditions outlined in the Regional Library Facilities Statement of Operating Principles, for example, condition, duplication, form, and bibliographic control.


Immediacy of need, availability of space, and facility operating requirements are considered when scheduling receipt of deposits. Procedures for submitting deposit requests, review, scheduling, and notification of requesting libraries of request disposition are available from NRLF.


If the space required to shelve acceptable deposits exceeds the space available, the Board establishes the priority for acceptance of deposits.

Withdrawals (Recalls and Deaccessions)

Only UC staff authorized by the owning library is permitted to withdraw UC material from NRLF. A non-UC depositor may permanently withdraw deposited items from NRLF, subject to any special agreements between the University and the depositor.

  • Recalls (Persistent Items)
    A depositing library may recall its deposited items from NRLF for return to its local collections indefinitely, subject to the policy on Persistent Deposits in UC Regional Library Facilities (2/20/06) and any other applicable UC collection management policies. To submit a recall request, use the Recall Request Form.
  • Deaccessions (Non-Persistent, Special Collection, and Duplicate Items)
    A depositing library may deaccession its deposited items from NRLF for return to its local collections permanently. To submit a deaccession request, use the NRLF Deaccession Form.