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The Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF) is a cooperative library storage facility, the first of its kind in California. It is owned and operated by the University of California and is located on the grounds of UC Berkeley's Richmond Field Station.

The 98,000 square foot main building was completed in 1982; an 84,000 square foot stack annex was completed in 1990; and a 67,000 square foot storage module, as well as a new reading room were added in 2005. The Facility offers high density, low cost housing for infrequently used library materials belonging to northern California libraries. At this time, depositors to NRLF are libraries on the University's Berkeley, Davis, Merced, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz campuses, and the California State Library. As of June 2013, the Facility held over 6.1 million items (mostly books and journal volumes, but also microfilm, maps, audio discs, manuscripts, archives, and other formats normally collected by research libraries). Staff at the Facility receive, process, and create machine-readable records for newly deposited materials, which normally amount to about 200,000 items per year, and provide circulation, interlibrary lending and document delivery services on approximately 75,000 items per year.

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