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Moffitt Library invites University of California Berkeley undergraduate students to display their art for the academic year. We feel that the library is a highly visible and appropriate venue for such exhibits. Displays of art and design expose scholars in Moffitt to the range of creativity of their fellow students.

There are also two permanent pieces of art created by the Oakland based artist collective Five Ton Crane. Both pieces are hung on floor 5 of Moffitt Library in the Haas-Herscher Gallery.

Past Exhibits


TIMELESS by Zhifei Xu

Zhifei Xu, Class of ‘17

Dear Berkeley: Campanile by Ying Luo Dear Berkeley: Soda Hall by Ying Luo
Dear Berkeley: South Hall by Ying Luo Dear Berkeley: Sproul Hall by Ying Luo

Dear Berkeley:
Campanile, Soda Hall, South Hall, Sproul Hall

Ying Luo, Class of ‘17
Computer Science and Statistics

Low Poly Landscape by Ziqi Chen

Low Poly Landscape
Ziqi Chen, Class of ‘18
Computer Science and Business Administration

Rhythm 1 by Stephanie Gomez

Rhythm 1
Stephanie Gomez, Class of ‘18
Art Practice

Dispersal by Chutikam Cholsaipant

Chutikam Cholsaipant, Class of ‘19

Jiufen 九份 by Brandon Chau

Jiufen 九份
Brandon Chau,Class of '17
Cognitive Science and Computer Science

Bad Dream by Audrey McNamara

Bad Dream
Audrey McNamara, Class of '17
Society and Environment and Film Studies

Swinging Sunrise by Merritt Joujon-Roche

Swinging Sunrise
Merritt Joujon-Roche, Class of '19
Mechanical Engineering

Third Person (Pastel Dreams) by Suzi Hyun Third Person (Pastel Dreams) by Suzi Hyun

Third Person (Pastel Dreams)
Suzi Hyun, Class of '17
Sociology and Art

A Deconstruction of Rest by Katherine Yao

A Deconstruction of Rest
Katherine Yao, Class of '17
Art Practice and Media Studies

Untitled by Amanda Kachadoorian

Amanda Kachadoorian, Class of '18
Art Practice

Lick Observatory by Kevin Reber

Lick Observatory
Kevin Reber, Class of '17


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