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Placing Material on Course Reserve in Graduate Services

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Reserve lists should be submitted as soon as possible to Graduate Services since some items may need to be ordered or recalled. Lists will be processed in the order received. Additional items may be added to your list anytime during the semester. Please note that Graduate Services only accepts course reserve request forms electronically.

You may submit reserve lists in the following ways:

Please provide complete book and journal citations, including the author's full name, title, publication information and edition for books, and journal title, volume numbers and dates for journals, as well as call numbers for all items. Include your department and course number, and specify a circulation period for the reserve materials (2 hour, 1 day, 7 days). 

If you wish to change the circulation period on any item during the course of the semester because of heavy use or in the week of class discussion, please contact us.

Personal Copies

Your personal copies of books may also be put on 2-hour reserve and protected while the Library seeks to place orders for out of print or difficult to obtain materials. You may also put the course reader or photocopied articles on reserve. (Graduate Services cannot photocopy items for you.) Personal books are returned to you at the end of the semester. Photocopies and readers are not returned unless requested.


Please see the University of California Copyright web site, particularly "What can I use," to ensure that you are in compliance with the fair use provisions of copyright law.


If you have any questions concerning reserves, please contact Scott Peterson, Head of Graduate Services, at grds@library.berkeley.edu or 768-7629.