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On-site Tours

A tour of the Doe/Moffitt Libraries is the perfect introduction to some of the most magnificent resources on the Berkeley campus. The free one-hour tour includes a visit through the Gardner Stacks, which is normally accessible only to the Berkeley community. The Visitor Information page offers more details and highlights of campus libraries.

Also open to the general public are tours of other UC Berkeley libraries, such as the new Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library, the spacious, light-filled Environmental Design Library, and the Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library, with its lobby display of a 65 million year old Triceratops skull. Tours of these libraries are usually scheduled near the beginning of each semester.

UC Berkeley's Visitor Services offers information about campus tours, transportation and parking, as well as an interactive campus map, and information on architect John Galen Howard. An online tour of campus includes photos and descriptions of some of Berkeley's libraries.