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Spotlight on Supporters

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The Library has been strengthened throughout the years by gifts from generous alumni and friends. Their contributions have helped build the Library into the extraordinary resource it is today, one of the greatest academic research libraries in the world.

The individual supporters profiled below represent the more than 6,000 library donors whose generous gifts over the years express a shared recognition that the Library is truly the heart of the University.

  • Jason DiNapoli: "Moffitt is both a study hub and a social hub, especially for first and second-year students. The plans for its revival will enable it to fulfill its role."
  • Paul "Pete" Bancroft: "My roots are deeply attached to the ongoing success of this marvelous institution."
  • Harvey Myman: Visiting Cal "instantly fills me up with a sense of all the wild possibilities that existed then and still exist."
  • Charlene Liebau: "I am most impressed by how the library is integrated into active learning and teaching for undergraduates."

  • Mark Afram: "The breadth and depth of the Library collections is remarkable. I see the Library as a key to the excellence of the University as a whole.”

  • CBS news producer Chris Weicher: "I love unearthing buried connections, discovering stories, and getting the scoop. Libraries are goldmines for that exploration.”

  • Adnan Iqbal“Gifts benefit every student, every faculty member and visiting scholar. Giving to the Library is a way to make a real contribution to the University.” 

  • Dr. Renate Holub: "Spending time in the Library always makes me happy."

  • James Sinton

  • Yee-Sen Lee-Wolfe

  • Leontina Gallagher

  • Greil Marcus