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Spotlight on Supporters: Dr. Renate Holub

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When the library inaugurated its brand-new Oskicat catalog, one new rule was a cap on the number of books that can be borrowed. Library users are now limited to no more than 300 books at a time—a number which seems generous for even the most intensive research. Nine professors, however, were well over the 300 book limit when the new system was to debut, among them Dr. Renate Holub. She philosophically accepted the need to return some of her beloved books, reasoning that “spending time in the Library always makes me happy.

Dr. Holub had borrowed much of the material for her current research on intellectuals, rights and states. This major project examines the philosophical foundations of human rights focusing especially on the work of the 18th century philosopher Giambattista Vico, and explores multicultural rights in contemporary Europe and North America.

Holub, who directs the Interdisciplinary Studies department, advises all campus newcomers to “visit the Library first.” She tells them to walk down from the north side, “taking in the beauty of Doe Library from Memorial Glade. Go inside—making sure you don’t have any time constraints—and head for the Gardner Stacks. Enjoy the walk down the elegant spiral staircases. Go into the stacks, pick up a book, and begin.”

Fall 2009

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