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Moffitt Library Revitalization

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Revitalizing Moffitt Library is our primary fundraising goal. The vision for the new Moffitt is a welcoming environment that will foster a vibrant community of scholarship for our undergraduates, and will provide for interdisciplinary, collaborative learning.

The first phase of the project began construction in fall 2015; read more about the upgrades in this campus news story. Photos, project details, and construction updates are also available.

Moffitt Library serves as a gateway for many Berkeley undergraduates, introducing them to the scholarly community. Yet the modes of scholarship for students have dramatically changed over the past decades, and the library must evolve to meet these new opportunities and demands. Flexible, collaborative, technology-rich spaces are required to support the current learning and research needs of our undergraduates.

The mission of a public university like Cal blends excellence and accessibility. In fact, fully one-third of incoming students are from low-income families, and one-third come from families in which neither parent has a four-year college degree. In this setting it is essential to offer a library that inspires undergraduates in developing their own research abilities and curiosity.

Moffitt Library Revitalization

  • Expand technology-rich, informal spaces for both quiet, individual work and for group study and collaboration
  • Create an enhanced computer center that provides tools for the development of sophisticated multimedia projects and manipulation and analysis of data
  • Support peer-to-peer learning, and showcase students' creative work and research projects
  • Design flexible, state-of-the art spaces, equipped with media backup and other essential resources for students to practice presentation skills and create group projects

Our goal is to serve the extraordinarily diverse, talented students at Cal - the young scholars who will be helping to create the world of tomorrow.

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