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Library at a Glance

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Presented here are key library facts and figures, collected to present a quick overview of the scale and scope of the library's and university's operations.

Volumes held

Over 12 million

Volumes added 13-14 (including e-books)


Current serials

Over 110,000

Number of square feet

Over one million

Library hours during finals

24 hours a day

Number of PhDs awarded by UC Berkeley in 2014

Over 900 - more than any other U.S. university

Number of fields in which PhDs can be awarded


Number of languages taught at Cal

53, including Romanian, Swahili, and Tagalog

Number of languages represented in the collections

Over 400

Subject specialty and affiliated libraries


UCB Library cardholders

Over 85,000

Undergraduates at Cal (Fall 2014)

Over 27,000

Graduate students (Fall 2014)


Faculty (full-time)

Over 1600

Gifts to the Library FY 2014-15


Total reference transactions per year

Over 57,000

Visits to library websites per year (all documents)

20 million

Instructional sessions per year

Over 1000

Staff employees


Student employees


Many estimates are based on Berkeley Library statistics issued by UCOP, and on UC Berkeley library statistics reported to the Association of Research Libraries and to the Association of College and Research Libraries. Contact us with questions or for more information.