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Jason DiNapoli

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Spotlight on Supporters

Jason DiNapoli ’90 fondly remembers a library science class he took in his first semester at Cal. He learned his way around the collections and how to access them—at that time, the Dewey Decimal system was still in use—and recalls relying on this invaluable training throughout his years as a history major.

In 2010, Jason involved himself again with the Library, this time as a generous supporter of the campaign to revitalize Moffitt. As he says, Moffitt is both a study hub and a social hub, especially for first and second-year students. The plans for its revival will enable it to fulfill its role.

In his last year at Cal, Jason pursued an interest in banking by interning with Wells Fargo. He went on to spend ten years with Union Bank prior to joining 1st Century Bank, where he is currently CEO and president. A commercial bank, 1st Century serves the business and private banking community of West Los Angeles. Jason relishes the opportunities to support his clients to grow their businesses and achieve success.

Vice-president of the Library Advisory Board, Jason also serves as the library representative to the UCB Foundation. He is a former board member of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Drawings Committee, and of the March of Dimes, Southern California Chapter.

Although southern California has long been his home, Jason has always loved the beauty, the history and the people in and around the Berkeley campus. He looks forward to spending more time at Cal and reconnecting with the campus.

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