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Harvey Myman

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Library board member Harvey Myman refers to the Morrison Library as "my den," recollecting spending an "inordinate" amount of time in it as an undergraduate. The luxuriously furnished Morrison was reserved at that time for recreational reading and listening to music, with no classwork permitted. But as an English major, Harvey had an excuse for doing his classwork there: he was reading the George Eliot and Charles Dickens novels that lined the Morrison's walls. Harvey remembers his hours there fondly, describing the room as a "little island of calm." (Visit a slideshow to see the Morrison and other library architectural highlights.)

After completing a thesis on Mark Twain and earning his B.A., Harvey entered the Graduate School of Journalism in 1970. As a journalism student, Harvey got to know Tom Leonard, a longtime journalism professor and University Librarian since 2001. Harvey joined the Library Advisory Board in 2005.

As a board member and donor, Harvey feels he is supporting a "completely benevolent institution" that is at the heart of the university mission. New technology and issues around intellectual property and scholarly publishing, he says, will heavily influence the library's future, while at the same time the "classic library values" of providing robust and ever-expanding research collections must be maintained.

Currently working as an independent television producer, Harvey's career has encompassed roles as producer and executive at ABC, Carsey-Warner, Sony, and HBO. "The basic tools I learned at Berkeley, what now seems like 100 years ago, have proved invaluable in my role as executive producer," says Harvey. "Having a background in literature and journalism helps a great deal because it provides you with so many cultural reference points, as well as an understanding of character development and storytelling."

A little-known aspect of Harvey's life is his love of water polo, which he has been playing seriously for more than a decade. "Truth be told, I hate exercise but love team games," he says. Known as the California Old Boys, his group's first big outing was to the World Masters Games in Brisbane in 1994. Since then they've gone to world aquatics events in England, Germany, Hungary and Italy.

Amid all his activities, this southern Californian retains fond memories of Cal. "When I'm back at Berkeley and wander through Sproul Plaza, it instantly fills me up with a sense of all the wild possibilities that existed then and still exist," Harvey reminisces. "Memories of Berkeley have a long shelf life. The feelings I had then still hold true for me." 

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