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Spotlight on Supporters: Adnan Iqbal '05

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An environmental sciences major with two minors—public policy and business—Adnan Iqbal (‘05) was a veteran of many of the campus libraries by the time he graduated. “I spent countless hours at Bioscience Library,” he recalls, “but also North Reading Room in Doe, Haas School of Business Library, Earth and Planetary Sciences Library, and of course Gardner Stacks and Moffitt.” He notes that the libraries’ scholarly, focused environment enabled him to stay concentrated and productive during his demanding studies.

Iqbal is especially grateful for the excellent assistance provided by Berkeley’s reference librarians.  “No matter what my question was—whether it was something simple, or required a week-long investigation—I always found that they would respond in the most helpful way imaginable,” he says. 

After graduating from Cal, Iqbal earned a master’s degree in bioscience from the University of Cambridge. While the program was excellent, his time at Cambridge helped him recognize the exceptional resources at UC Berkeley. “As a Cal student, it’s easy to take for granted what you have access to. Over there, I recognized how incredible the Berkeley collections and librarians really are.”

Iqbal works at Genentech in finance/operations management, a position that utilizes his interests in both biology and in business operations. Eventually, he’d like to work in a start-up environment to develop innovative medical equipment that would have broad social benefit. In fact, one such device is in its earliest stages right now. Together with a colleague now in the doctoral program at Cal, Iqbal is currently “kicking the tires” on an idea for a tuberculosis diagnosis device intended for refugee camps in the developing world.

Iqbal’s contribution to the University Library was motivated by the recognition that with the dramatically increased budget pressures and rising student population, UC Berkeley needs private support now more than ever. “The Library is central to the academic experience at Cal,” he comments. “Gifts benefit every student, every faculty member and visiting scholar. Giving to the Library is a way to make a real contribution to the University.” 

Fall 2009

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