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Funding Statement

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The Oral History Center currently and historically receives only a very small portion of its operating budget from the university or the State of California. Throughout most of its history, OHC expenses—including staff salaries and benefits, equipment, transcription, and travel—have been funded through a mixture of charitable donations by individuals and corporations and grants and contracts in support of specific oral history projects.

OHC also benefits from a small number of modest endowments and one larger endowment, which supports the position of the Center’s director. Most of the funding received, either from donations, contracts, or endowments, is earmarked for specific oral history projects. As a result, OHC is not typically in a position to pick and choose precisely the projects we undertake and the individuals we interview without first securing the necessary funding.

Thus, we actively seek partnerships with individuals, foundations, agencies, and corporations that will work with us to establish a research agenda that responds to the needs of students, scholars, and the public at large. 

Please donate to support oral history at UC Berkeley. Contact us for more information about our funding needs for present and future projects.


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