article database
A searchable collection of citations to articles that have been published in journals, magazines or newspapers. Some article databases include the full text of some or all of the articles included. Examples include JSTOR and Academic Search Complete.
a fancy way to say AND, OR, and NOT, words that can help you create better searches in catalogs and article databases.
call number
a unique number that will help you find an item on a library shelf - like an address. it will look something like this: TX349 .L365 2001
an online list of all the books, journals, dvds, magazines, newspapers, and other materials within a library, and sometimes beyond. Berkeley uses several catalogs - OskiCat, Melvyl, and WorldCat.
the part of the library that checks books in and out (and takes your money for overdue fines).
citation style
comes in the form of style guides and manuals (think APA and MLA), which contain a set of rules determined and updated by one of many associations, institutions, or publications. these rules are designed to format writing structure.
interlibrary loan, or how libraries share things with each other. practically speaking, this means that you can ask us for books and articles we don't have and we will find them somewhere else.
an important word in the title, abstract, subjects, author, etc. of an item in a catalog, database, or search engine. also, a type of search which looks for these important words or phrases.
same as the Gardner Stacks. the gigantic library inside Doe and under Memorial Glade.
short for the Northern Regional Library Facility, a large cooperative library storage facility housing infrequently used library materials belonging to northern California libraries - use OskiCat to request physical items from NRLF to be delivered to campus, or the delivery of an electronic or paper copy of articles/excerpts.
the same as a scholarly or academic. think of the difference between Vogue or Vibe and the "Journal for the Clinical Study and Treatment of Infections". refers to articles that have undergone a review process to help ensure accuracy and importance.
anything published regularly (in other words, periodically), like a newspaper, magazine, report, or journal.
as in server, the thing that helps you get to full-text articles, books, and more from off-campus. you can find instructions for setting up your browser at the "Connecting from Off Campus" link on the library home page.
as in reference desk or reference librarian - our way of saying "ask questions here".
something you'll be doing a lot of soon, if you're not already.
as in course reserves, or books/articles selected by your instructor that can only checked out for a short period of time (like two hours). reserve material can be checked out from many Berkeley libraries.
aka shelves - the place where we keep the books and journals.
subject heading
this works like a tag. an agreed-upon word or phrase used to describe what a book or dvd is about - also known as "controlled vocabulary." you can do a subject heading searches in catalogs and article databases.
a book or online list of related terms, like a dictionary of synonyms.
Zotero is a free Firefox extension for collecting, managing, and citing research resources. it works similarly to EndNote or Refworks, but lives in your web browser.