The proxy server has changed - how and why?

In April 2012, the library made major changes to its proxy server, used for off-campus access to journal article databases and other licensed electronic resources.  These changes prevent unauthorized access to licensed resources, improve efficiency, and also simplify setup requirements in most cases.

For most users, the change is transparent

The existing proxy URLs in current users' web browser settings will continue to work.  For new users, revised setup instructions now give a single URL to use, whether they prefer the CalNet or Patron/PIN login method.  A combined login screen provides a choice between these two methods.

Here's what may affect you

The new proxy server requires that your web browser accept all cookies, including "third party cookies."  If you would prefer not to do this, there are several alternatives:

To improve security, those using the Patron/PIN login method will now need to enter the email address associated with their library account.  If you're not sure which email address you use for this purpose, log into My OskiCat and use the address displayed there.

As with the previous proxy server, databases whose URLs begin with "https" will return an error message, unless you first visit an "http" resource such as the Oxford English Dictionary (  The affected databases include:

Chinese Ancient Texts, CINDAS databases, CQ California Political Almanac, Frost and Sullivan, Thomson ONE, Thomson Research Investext, VentureXpert

For more information

» Proxy Server Troubleshooting
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To report a problem

If you encounter issues not resolved with the information above, please report them using this form.