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Do library computers have programs like MatLab, SPSS, Stata, Stat/Transfer, ArcGIS, and Microsoft Office applications installed?

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Posted: 10 Aug, 2009
by: Booth C.
Updated: 11 Aug, 2009
by: Booth C.
Most library computers do not provide access to software programs like MatLab, SPSS, SAS, ArcGIS or Microsoft Office, but some will allow you to open documents created in Office applications in order to print. One exception is the Library Data Lab in Doe Library, which offers full access to ARCGIS, R, SAS, SPSS, Stat Transfer, and Stata to students needing to use and manipulate numeric data sets, as well as a scanner available to any researcher (click map for larger image):

You can also purchase educational copies of these programs from the campus at Software Central. Microsoft Office and a variety of other programs and applications are available on computers at various Workstation & Microcomputer Facilities around campus, including on the first floor of Moffitt Library. Check the W&MF website for locations and to see what's available at each location.
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