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Can I check out unbound journal issues?

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Posted: 19 May, 2009
by: Booth C.
Updated: 25 Apr, 2011
by: Kupersmith J.
Usually you will not be able to check out recent issues of journals and magazines that haven't yet been bound.  However, copy machines are located in each campus library for your convenience. You can also search for an online version of the title you are looking for.

After journals are bound they, are typically shelved in the stacks like books.  Depending on the library, they may be shelved by call number or title. Loan periods for bound journals vary; check with the library in question to make sure of their policy. A few examples, as of April 2011:

Public Health Library: 2 hours, no renew (most journals)

Transportation Studies Library: 1 week

Chemistry Library: 2 hours

Engineering Library: 2 hours (unbound), 1 day (bound)

Earth Sciences and Map Library: 1 day (high use journals); 7 days (low use journals)

Bioscience and Natural Resources Library: 1 day (1975-present); 1 week (others)
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