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Why scanning stations?

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Posted: 10 May, 2012
by: Hennesy C.
Updated: 17 Jan, 2013
by: Weber L.
As part of the transition when the Library’s previous copy service contract expired in 2010, we surveyed our users about their needs and other university libraries about their services.  Based on that input, the Library chose to acquire equipment that allowed for scanning/downloading and develop services similar to those in other libraries. 

The Library cannot afford to offer free use of the new BookScan Stations installed in the 24 libraries across campus.  The Library provides scanning and printing at rates that cover our costs for the equipment and staff who maintain them. 

The ability to scan to a flash drive saves paper and enables users to store and organize their material more efficiently. Scans can be delivered in multiple file types, at a lower cost than photocopies.  Our prices for these services are consistent with, and in some cases lower than, those in other UC libraries.
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