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Why are there so many journal articles in Melvyl?

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Posted: 07 Jan, 2012
by: Kupersmith J.
Updated: 07 Jan, 2012
by: Kupersmith J.
A pilot project in Spring 2012 is adding significant new content to Melvyl, the discovery tool of the UC libraries.  This includes several million journal articles and other documents from a wide range of databases, particularly in the humanities and social sciences.

Some important tips:

  • Links in the left sidebar let you narrow your search to just articles, or to focus on items from particular databases.

  • Melvyl will display citations to articles, and in some cases abstracts, with the full text accessible through the yellow UC-eLinks button or other links provided.

  • The Advanced Search screen lets you control which databases are searched.

  • Search results may vary from what could be obtained by searching the individual databases separately.

  • The additional licensed content is available to those on the UC Berkeley campus, or who are connecting from elsewhere using our proxy server or Virtual Private Network (VPN) system. Other off-campus users may see a login prompt, with a "continue as guest" option which will still let them search library holdings in Melvyl.

For more information, see:
» Expanded article content in Melvyl® (DOC)
» Melvyl Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
» Why is Melvyl asking me to log in?
» Guide to Library Catalogs

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