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Current UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff can access licensed resources from off-campus using the Proxy Server.
folder VPN (Virtual Private Network)
When you use a VPN connection, your computer will have a UC Berkeley IP address instead of the one normally supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This allows you to use article databases, electronic journals, and other licensed resources found through the Library website and catalogs.

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document The proxy server has changed - how and why?
In April 2012, the library made major changes to its , used for off-campus access to journal article databases and...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 5003
document Do I need to come to a library to get research help?
Not at all. The libraries provide a number of options - you can contact us via phone, , or using a 24/7 .
22 Apr, 2009 Views: 4977
document Can I use Zotero to save citations from OskiCat or Melvyl?
When you want to capture a reference in Zotero from a library catalog such as or : 1.  Always use Mozilla...
20 Jun, 2011 Views: 4954
document Is there a guide for finding primary sources?
We feature several pages that can help you find primary sources in the Library and beyond. A good first step is our...
14 Apr, 2011 Views: 4934
document Can I call or text message someone for research help?
Yes on both counts. Call the Doe Library Reference Desk at for general, social sciences, and humanities questions...
22 Apr, 2009 Views: 4900
document Do I have to capitalize 'AND' and 'OR' when I'm searching article databases and library catalogs? That seems tedious.
Definitely not - catalogs, search engines, and databases are not usually case sensitive, so lowercase 'and' and 'or'...
03 Nov, 2009 Views: 4782
document Can I recommend a library purchase?
Yes, .
17 Aug, 2009 Views: 4717
document Can I make an appointment for the Research Advisory Service online?
Yes, appointments for the Research Advisory Service (RAS) are now exclusively made - Cal undergrads login with their...
11 Sep, 2009 Views: 4580
document How can I find a librarian who specializes in my subject area?
You can find a list of subject specialist librarians on our page.
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 4537
document Where can I find out more about the Nature Publishing Group journal pricing issue?
You can learn about ongoing discussions between the California Digital Library and the Nature Publishing Group in...
01 Jul, 2010 Views: 3943


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