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document How do I put a hold on a book or submit a recall request?
You can request a hold for items that are checked out by another borrower in . By placing a hold the current borrower...
23 Jun, 2014 Views: 11820
document Can I renew my books online?
You can renew most books online, except for: items recalled by another person items with a very short loan...
14 Apr, 2011 Views: 10839
document Where do I return my books?
Books and other items you have checked out should be returned to the circulation desk during the , and to outdoor/after...
11 Oct, 2011 Views: 9269
document Is there a maximum number of times I can renew my books?
One year loans are eligible for 3 renewals. All other loan periods are eligible for 11 renewals. How to renew in...
21 Dec, 2009 Views: 7312
document Is there a limit to the amount of materials I can check out under my name at any one time?
With the introduction of in Summer of 2009, the following circulation limits are now in place: Undergraduate...
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 6584
document I'm a new student/staff/faculty member. How do I get a library card?
For UC Berkeley registered students, faculty, instructors, lecturers and staff, your serves as your library card for...
11 Sep, 2009 Views: 5654
document Who is eligible to use the proxy server?
Eligibility is governed by our license agreements with the vendors of electronic resources. These typically stipulate...
03 May, 2013 Views: 5618
document What happened to Pathfinder and Gladis?
They have gone the way of the dinosaur, as in extinct. We now have a new online library catalog  that lets you do...
14 May, 2012 Views: 5551
document Can I check out unbound journal issues?
Usually you will not be able to check out recent issues of journals and magazines that haven't yet been bound. ...
25 Apr, 2011 Views: 5428
document An item I requested from the NRLF has arrived, but I don't have time to pick it up today. How long will they hold it for me?
The Library will typically hold your NRLF item for 7-10 days after we receive it - check with to inquire about specific...
30 Mar, 2010 Views: 5338


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