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document When should I use the proxy server or VPN?
Most electronic resources are licensed by The Library from companies in business for profit. The terms of our contracts...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1933
document Can I use VPN with any web browser?
VPN will work with any standard web browser that supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - for example, Firefox, Internet...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1883
document I still have a question about VPN. What should I do?
» If your question is about installing, or running VPN: Students: visit the ; you can make an appointment...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1875
document How long can I stay connected via VPN?
The VPN will automatically disconnect after your Internet connection is inactive for 30 minutes.
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1772
document What is VPN?
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is software that runs on your off-campus computer. After you log in with your , VPN...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1765
document Does VPN offer virus protection?
No. VPN provides security by encrypting and decrypting data that passes through a VPN connection; it does not offer...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1628
document Who can use VPN?
To download and run the VPN software, you must be a current UC Berkeley student, faculty, or staff member with a CalNet...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1611
document Can I use VPN from a home network?
As long as your web browser supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), as most browsers do, VPN should work if your computer...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1562
document Can I use VPN through a firewall?
If you are having trouble connecting and have a firewall, you can test it by disabling the firewall and trying again....
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1536
document Does the VPN work on mobile devices?
VPN works on iOS devices such as the iPad, and should work on "netbooks" and other portable Windows and...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 1524


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