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document Can I continue to print while connected to the VPN?
If the printer is physically attached to your computer, it should continue to work while your VPN connection is...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 4586
document My AOL dialup or broadband connection drops when I connect to the VPN, or doesn't connect at all. What can I do?
The VPN client will not work with AOL dialup or AOL Broadband services. When connected to the VPN via AOL dialup...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 3066
document How is VPN different from the proxy server?
The provides access to most licensed resources. However, some programs do not work with the proxy server. These...
16 Jan, 2014 Views: 2817
document How do I know whether VPN is connected?
Please see the illustrations for and computers.
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 2333
document I used VPN, then forgot to disconnect it. Is this a problem?
No, but while your VPN was connected, all your Internet traffic passed through the UC Berkeley VPN server. This slowed...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 2307
document Can I set up the VPN client to automatically connect at startup?
No, the Cisco VPN client cannot automate the login process.
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 2164
document I tried to uninstall VPN but it didn't work. What should I do?
Unfortunately this can happen for a number of reasons. Please contact the help services listed below. Students:...
30 Aug, 2012 Views: 2155
document I haven't used VPN for a long time, and now it doesn't work.
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 2153
document How do I get the VPN software?
Our VPN instructions for and computers guide you through the process of downloading and installing the VPN client...
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 2128
document I use VPN but can't access licensed resources, or get incorrect results.
Products such as Google Web Accelerator and the Firefox plugin DownThemAll can make web pages load more quickly....
11 Jul, 2012 Views: 2101


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