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document The proxy server is working very slowly. What should I do?
If you experience a very slow response time when waiting for a login prompt, or after logging in, use the to make us...
07 Jan, 2014 Views: 1657
document How will I know when to use the proxy server?
Once you set up your web browser to run the Automatic Proxy Configuration, it will be engaged automatically when...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1645
document What if I need to use another proxy server?
You would need to reconfigure your browser each time you want to switch proxy servers. There may be extensions...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1608
document Do I have to set up my browser to use the proxy server every time I surf the web?
No. Once you've set up your browser to use the proxy server, the setting will be saved until you change it.
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1607
document Will other people who share my computer also be able to use the proxy server?
If your computer is accessible to other people in your household or off-campus work site, we recommend that you either...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1593
document Why would a licensed resource lose all of its page formatting?
Browsers configured to use the proxy server must have third party cookies enabled to ensure that images and stylesheets...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1587
document If I have two browsers installed, do I have to configure both of them to use the proxy service?
No, but you will need to set up each browser that you plan to use with the proxy server. Configuring one browser will...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1504
document Why do I see warnings about going from secure to insecure (and vice versa) connections when logging into the proxy server with my CalNet ID?
Authentication via the CalNet proxy server is a complex process, involving several redirections of your browser...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1455
document What do I do when asked to log into the proxy server within a resource that uses frames?
If authentication becomes necessary while you are working with a resource that uses frames, the login form will be...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 1441
document How do I access a URL that begins with https?
Browsers configured to use the proxy will give an error message such as "Proxy Server Refused Connection" or...
20 Dec, 2013 Views: 1184


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