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document How do I turn off the Automatic Proxy Configuration setting?
If you no longer need to use the proxy server, you can easily disable the the Automatic Proxy Configuration setting. ...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 24181
document How do I access library resources from off campus?
Anyone may access the library catalogs and most of the Library's web pages from any Internet-connected computer....
01 Jun, 2012 Views: 13241
document Where are the instructions for setting up the proxy server?
01 Jun, 2012 Views: 6491
document Who is eligible to use the proxy server?
Eligibility is governed by our license agreements with the vendors of electronic resources. These typically stipulate...
03 May, 2013 Views: 5610
document The proxy server has changed - how and why?
In April 2012, the library made major changes to its , used for off-campus access to journal article databases and...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 5004
document Will the proxy server work with my Internet connection?
The proxy server will work with DSL, cable, ISDN, or dial-up modem connections from most third party Internet Service...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 4147
document How do I remove the Library proxy from my browser?
If you have graduated, or are otherwise no longer affilliated with UC Berkeley, but continue to be prompted for your...
27 Nov, 2012 Views: 3756
document Why does the proxy server sometimes ask me to log in when I'm not accessing a licensed library resource?
Many online information vendors use several servers within the same internet domain to provide their services. In such...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 3623
document Can I use the proxy server from behind a firewall?
Many companies have firewalls to prevent outsiders from accessing their internal networks. If your computer is behind...
07 Jan, 2014 Views: 2858
document What is the proxy server?
The proxy server allows us to provide off-campus access to article databases and other licensed electronic resources...
04 Jun, 2012 Views: 2747


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