Berkeley Law Library


Floor 2, Boalt Hall


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The Garret W. McEnerney Law Library serves the legal research needs of its primary clientele (UC Berkeley law students and law faculty) and also seeks to meet the needs of UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff, judges and attorneys, and the general public. The Law Library's collection covers all aspects of U.S. law, with particular emphasis on intellectual property law, environmental law and constitutional law. Holdings include U.S. court decisions, statutes, legal treatises and monographs and legal periodicals. The Law Library also has a vast collection of law from law many countries around the world, with a strong emphasis on civil law jurisdictions. In addition, the Law Library specializes in international and human rights law, treaty law and comparative law. The collection also includes documentation from many international organizations, including the United Nations, the European Union, and the International Court of Justice.


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