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How to subscribe to a Library blog

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You can receive the latest content from any UC Berkeley Library blog via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This convenient, free service uses blog-reading software, also known as RSS readers or aggregators.

Each UC Berkeley Library Web blog page includes a "Subscribe" section, which may look like this:

  • RSS
  • MyYahoo!
  • MyMSN

On an actual blog page, these graphics will be active buttons.

If you have RSS reader software on your computer, or you use a web browser that doubles as an RSS reader (e.g., Firefox), just click on the RSS button and an RSS feed of the blog will be added to your RSS reader or web browser.

If you use any of the other blog readers listed above (e.g., MyYahoo! or MyMSN), just click on the corresponding button and you will be taken to the blog reader's website and instructions.

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