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Contacts for Academic Support Units

Content section: 
  • The Library designates principal contacts for academic support units, who are committed to supporting students, faculty, and staff in their teaching and learning.
  • The principal contacts have primary responsibility for providing library information and services to their unit; serving as the first point of contact for information about library policies, procedures, and services; and providing specialized consultations and instructional services supporting research using library resources.

Academic Achievement Programs
Corliss Lee

Academic Centers in the Residence Halls
Tim Dilworth

American Cultures Center
Corliss Lee

Athletic Study Center
Margaret Phillips

Berkeley Language Center
Gisele Tanasse

Center for Teaching and Learning
Nicole Brown

Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence
Tim Dilworth

Centers for Educational Partnerships
Tim Dilworth

Data Science Education Program
Joshua Quan

Disabled Students' Program
Jennifer Dorner

Educational Technology Services
Jean Ferguson

Fall Freshman Program (Berkeley Extension)
Tim Dilworth

Global Studies Program
Jim Church and Mohamed Hamed

Graduate Division
Corliss Lee

Graduate Student Instructor Teaching and Resource Center
Nicole Brown

International House
Corliss Lee

Multicultural Student Development
Corliss Lee

New Student Services
Tim Dilworth

STEM Center for Undergraduate Diversity
Michael Sholinbeck

Student Learning Center
Tim Dilworth

Summer Sessions
Corliss Lee

UC Berkeley/Washington Program
Kiyoko Shiosaki

Office of Undergraduate Research
Nicole Brown

Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA)
Corliss Lee

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