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Doe Library, 1911


Excavation for Doe Library, March 9, 1908.

Doe and North Hall

The North Reading Room being constructed in May 1909. The botanical gardens are in the foreground, and North Hall is to the left.

North Reading Room

Construction of the North Reading Room in May 1909.

Doe Library from Sather Gate

Granite blocks to be used in the construction of Sather Gate in the foreground as the Charles Franklin Doe Memorial Library begins to take shape in the background. Fall 1909.

Morrison Library

The A.F. Morrison Memorial Library, 1956. Dedicated in February 1928, the Morrison Library was made possible through the philanthropy of May Treat Morrison (1858-1939), widow of San Francisco attorney and book lover, Alexander F. Morrison (1856-1921). Both Mr. and Mrs. Morrison were graduates of the University of California Class of 1878, and maintained a lifelong interest in the University and its students.

303 Doe

The Library of French Thought (now 303 Doe) was dedicated in 1917 and housed a 12,500 volume collection that had been presented by the French government to the University of California at the closed of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The collection was described as 'covering all fields of French literature, philosophy, and science.' This special library was open for use 15 hours a week from 1917 to 1920.

Loan Hall

East Reading Room (formerly called the Loan Hall) in 1930, showing copies of the Velasquez paintings on walls.

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