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The Chinese Chapter of the California Alumni Association Increases Its Contribution to the East Asian Library and Studies Center

Chinese Painting of a fish.

As one of the earliest organized ethnic organizations at Berkeley, the Chinese Chapter of the CAA has continually supported campus programs for academics, athletics, scholarships, and community projects. For many years, the Chapter has placed an especially strong emphasis on supporting scholarships for Cal students, and, in 2001, was honored with the California Alumni Association's Outstanding Club Award.

The Chinese Chapter has been raising significant funds for the newly planned East Asian Library and Studies Center (EALSC) in recent years. At a special reception in December in the Morrison Library, Chapter officers increased the Chapter's contribution to a total commitment of $500,000, and presented Chancellor Berdahl with a special check.

The EALSC is the second highest priority for the Chancellor's current campus fund raising efforts, so this increased support comes at an exceptionally critical time. During the presentation, the Chancellor stated that at the heart of Berkeley's world-renowned programs in East Asian studies is the East Asian Library--the largest and most comprehensive collection of East Asian materials in the western United States. He noted that it is one of the University's great treasures and the principal resource for East Asian research and teaching for all nine UC campuses as well as an invaluable asset throughout the world. However, despite its stature, the East Asian Library is housed in woefully inadequate facilities that require increased private support to fund construction of a new East Asian Library and Studies Center in order to pursue its important work with greater focus and scope.

Clark Kerr Memoir Published

Picture of Clark Kerr.
Cover of Clark Kerr's book, "The Blue and the Gold."

As Chancellor of the Berkeley campus from 1952 to 1958 and president of the University from 1958 to 1967, Dr. Clark Kerr experienced Cal's purportedly "golden years"--times filled with both great advancement and great conflict. The first volume of his memoirs was recently published, entitled "The Gold and the Blue: A Personal Memoir of the University of California, 1949-1967. Volume I: Academic Triumphs."

In this first of two volumes, Dr. Kerr describes the private life of the University from his first visit to Berkeley as a graduate student at Stanford in 1932 to his dismissal under Governor Ronald Reagan in 1967. Early in his tenure as a professor, the Loyalty Oath issue erupted, and the University, particularly the Berkeley campus, underwent its most difficult upheaval until the onset of the Free Speech Movement in 1964. Dr. Kerr discusses many pivotal developments, including the impact of the GI Bill and the evolution of the much-emulated 1960 California Master Plan for Higher Education. He also discusses the movement for universal access to education and describes the establishment and growth of each of the nine campuses and the forces and visions that shaped their distinctive identities. The second volume of the memoir will treat the public life of the University and the political context that conditioned its environment.

Dr. Kerr continues to serve the University Library as a member of the Library Advisory Board.

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