NO.58 FALL 2001

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The University Library Collections

The most easily identifiable part of any library is its collections. In Cal's University Library, the collections, indeed, are recognized immediately for their depth and breadth, all 9 million+ volumes. While this Annual Report emphasizes the many facets and purposes of the Library at UC Berkeley, it is still a listing of the highlights of the past year's acquisitions of books, collections, and other exemplary research materials that piques our interest. Following are a few additions to Cal's collections:

  • Numerous additions to the fine arts collections including: Bibliography of Modern Art on Disc, a new CD-ROM title that contains the catalog of the Museum of Modern Art Library and includes bibliographic information for approximately 160,000 books, exhibition catalogs, and periodicals. All fine arts acquisitions value: $50,900.
  • The World of Port-Royal: the Jansenist Movement in the Catholic Church, 17th-18th centuries (3,711 microfiches), the most important archival source on the history of Jansenism outside of France and a remarkable collection of primary source data regarding the effect on the culture and politics of western Europe. Value: $23,620.
  • Slavic Studies: Records of the Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of..... Czechoslovakia, 1955-59; Austria-Hungary and Hungary, 1912-1929; Hungary, 1930-1959; Poland, 1916-1959; Russia, 1910-1929; & Records of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Value: $24,700.
  • Photographic collections, including: Summer of Love, a collection of photographs from the 1960s that include a remarkable record of San Francisco in the Summer of Love, 1967 and the related protest movements and happenings of the time. The photographs are part of the extensive archive of Gene Anthony, a photojournalist who specialized in the 60s. Value: $5,000. Chamonal, Colonial Mexico, an extensive photo album from 19th century Mexico. Value: $10,000.
  • Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, Mungo Park, 1799. First Edition of a compelling account of this Scotsman's explorations on the River Niger in the 1790's. Value: $3,500.
  • A Southeast Asia microfiche collection of monographs, entire runs of journals, government documents, annual reports, newspapers, ephemeral items, manuscripts, theses, special collections & rare items in major Southeast Asian languages (Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Tagalog, etc.), to continue supporting research and teaching needs in Southeast Asian studies. Value: $20,000.
  • An eighteenth century microfilm collection of many of the titles published in Britain and its territories during the period 1701-1800, part of a vast and expensive effort to assemble primary source materials about life during the 18th century in England and its colonies. Value: $10,400.

Alice Waters

Picture of "Orange Duck" recipe.

The Bancroft Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of Alice Waters' (Class of 1967) records for Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café in Berkeley. Waters is considered a visionary in the culinary arts. Her insistence on organically grown crops and unprocessed food has helped to change our perceptions concerning the role of food in our lives. She has extended her philosophy beyond the kitchen into a broad range of commitments, including support for community projects that teach the pleasures of growing and caring for the land. As San Francisco Chronicle food critic Patricia Unterman noted, "Julia [Child] set the stage for the culinary boom in America by teaching people how to cook and Alice Waters took everyone to the next step by teaching them about ingredients."

This rich archive documents all aspects of Ms. Waters' professional career with a wide assortment of materials, including photographs, posters, daily menus, working notes, and materials related to the books that Ms. Waters has written. Ms. Waters' interest in organic farming and the conservation of natural resources makes this archive a particularly important addition to the Bancroft Library, not only because of Ms. Waters' and Chez Panisse's stature in the area of international cuisine, but also because her efforts and concerns relate to the agricultural and environmental collections that form part of the Bancroft Library's Western Americana Collection.

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