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News from The Bancroft Library

San Francisco News-Call Bulletin Newspaper Photograph Archive

James A. Eason, archivist for Pictorial Collection, The Bancroft Library

Picture of Pan American Airways "Clipper America" airplane.

"Soaring over San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz Island just below is the gigantic new Pan American Airways "Clipper America." The city was yesterday given its first view of the huge Stratocruiser type, twin decked transport which will carry 25,000 pounds including 75 passengers and is to be put into regular service in San Francisco-Los Angeles-Hawaii run this spring. It is the first of 20 such Boeing-built ships for Pan American's fleet." Call Bulletin Library, 2/4/49

Picture of Khrushchev in San Francisco.

"San Francisco's skyline has more interest for Khrushchev than a passing cable car as he pauses during his early morning walk. Behind Khrushchev and security guards are Grace Cathedral and the Grand Lodge of California Masons. It was pointed out that the latter's temple is one of the city's most beautiful buildings." Call Bulletin Library, 9/21/59

Picture of analog computer system in cabinets.

"Huge Electronic Brain, ten tons of it, which is destined to monitor the design, development, and testing of jet engines of the future, even before they are built, left San Francisco International Airport today (July 6) for Indianapolis and the Allison Division of General Motors. A product of the Berkeley Division of Beckman Instruments, Inc., the analog computer system was loaded on an American Airlines DC-6A Airfreighter, grouped in 29 metal cabinets, six feet high and spanning a width of nearly 60 feet. It is scheduled for arrival tomorrow before noon." Call Bulletin Library, 7/6/56

The Bancroft Library is pleased to announce completion in May 1999 of a two-year project to provide access to the photograph archive of the San Francisco News-Call Bulletin newspaper. Funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), this project produced textual descriptions and archival storage nearly 500,000 photographic negatives now held at Bancroft.

The images comprised the working photographic files, or "photo morgue," of the San Francisco Call Bulletin and later, the News-Call Bulletin. These files were created by staff photographers between approximately 1915 and September 1965.

The photo archive provides a wealth of historic imagery, particularly of events in San Francisco and the Bay Area, such as: the mobilization for World War II; the founding of the United Nations; hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities; and the civil rights movement. The files also are exceptionally rich in depictions of more mundane daily news that will provide a wealth of information for social historians and other scholars, such as: parades; social and cultural events; crime; organized labor; transportation; and the developing urban and suburban landscape.

The contents listing of this collection is now available via the World Wide Web as part of the Online Archive of California. The San Francisco News-Call Bulletin finding aid may be found with other Bancroft finding aides at http://www.oac.cdlib.org/. Images are not available online, but researchers may view negatives in the Heller Reading Room of The Bancroft Library.

Picture of atomic reactor at UC Berkeley.

"Picture of Atomic Reactor at UC Berkeley, Cory Hall, with students and professor on December 6, 1957 (from left to right): Leonard Maki, Andre Anctil, Dr. Nathan W. Snyder, associate professor of nuclear engineering, and Henry Lurie (operating). Photograph by B. Jones" Call Bulletin Library, 12/6/57

Picture of Nike guided missiles.

"Ready for Action--Nike guided missiles rest, poised for action, on their launchers here as the Army, for the first time yesterday, showed off some of its supersonic devices which guard the Bay Area." Call Bulletin Library, 9/29/55

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