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Recent Acquisitions in Social Welfare

Last update: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 02:57:47 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. African American children and families in child welfare : cultural adaptation of services / Ramona W. Denby and Carla M. Curtis. --
  2. Ain't no makin' it : aspirations and attainment in a low-income neighborhood / Jay MacLeod. -- 2004.
  3. Analysing social work communication : discourse in practice / edited by Christopher Hall, Kirsi Juhila, Maureen Matarese and Carolus van Nijnatten. --
  4. Assessment of sexual offenders against children / Vernon L. Quinsey, Martin L. Lalumière. -- c1996.
  5. Basic statistics in multivariate analysis / Karen A. Randolph, Laura L. Myers. -- c2013.
  6. The battered woman syndrome / Lenore E.A. Walker. -- c2000.
  7. Brief separations [by] Christoph M. Heinicke [et al.]. -- [1965]
  8. Child health in complex emergencies [electronic resource] / William J. Moss ... [et al.] Roundtable on the Demography of Forced Migration, Committee on Population and Program on Forced Migration and Health, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, National Research Council -- c2006
  9. Civilizing the child : discourses of race, nation, and child welfare in America / Katharine S. Bullard. --
  10. Confronting oppression, restoring justice : from policy analysis to social action / Katherine van Wormer, Laura Kaplan, and Cindy Juby. -- c2012.
  11. Deadly medicines and organised crime : how big pharma has corrupted healthcare / Peter C. G√łtzsche foreword by Richard Smith and Drummond Rennie. --
  12. Do funerals matter? : the purposes and practices of death rituals in global perspective / William G. Hoy. --
  13. Ethnicity & race : critical concepts in social work / Carolyn Jacobs and Dorcas D. Bowles, editors. -- c1988.
  14. Extending frontiers : social issues and social work in Singapore / Tan Ngoh Tiong & Kalyani K. Mehta, eds. -- 2002.
  15. Gestalt therapy excitement and growth in the human personality [by] Frederick S. Perls, Ralph F. Hefferline [and] Paul Goodman. -- [1951]
  16. Global HIV/AIDS politics, policy and activism : persistent challenges and emerging issues / Raymond A. Smith, editor. --
  17. Governance, development, and social work / edited by Chathapuram S. Ramanathan and Subhabrata Dutta. --
  18. A handbook of comparative social policy / edited by Patricia Kennett. -- 2013.
  19. The healing forest in post-crisis work with children : a nature therapy and expressive arts program for groups / Ronen Berger and Mooli Lahad illustrated by Igor Kovyar. -- 2013.
  20. Hospice social work / Dona J. Reese. -- c2013.
  21. How we die now : intimacy and the work of dying / Karla A. Erickson. --
  22. Hybridising theory and practice : social work towards meeting the challenges of global and local / editors, Shukhdeba Sharma Hanjabam, Aheibam Koireng Singh, Grace Laltlinzo. --
  23. The Integrated Child Development Services : a flagship adrift / K.R. Venugopal. -- c2012.
  24. Interviewing for qualitative inquiry : a relational approach / Ruthellen Josselson. --
  25. Interviewing for the helping professions : a relational approach / Fred R. McKenzie, PhD, Aurora University. --
  26. Mental disability, violence, and future dangerousness : myths behind the presumption of guilt / John Weston Parry. --
  27. Narrative social work : theory and application / Clive Baldwin. -- 2013.
  28. Poverty and health : a crisis among America's most vulnerable / Kevin M. Fitzpatrick, editor. --
  29. Preventing the sexual victimization of children : psychological, legal, and public policy perspectives / Charles Patrick Ewing. --
  30. Research methods and statistics for public and nonprofit administrators : a practical guide / Masami Nishishiba, Matthew Jones, Mariah Kraner. --
  31. Rural elderly in India : perspectives and issues / N. Audinarayana. -- 2012.
  32. The scattered family : parenting, African migrants, and global inequality / Cati Coe. --
  33. Science and inquiry in social work practice / Ben A. Orcutt contributors, Linda C. Flowers, Jeffrey Seinfeld. -- c1990.
  34. Social development : theory & practice / James Midgley. --
  35. Social policy and change in East Asia / edited by James Lee, James Midgley, and Yapeng Zhu. --
  36. Social service workplace bullying : a betrayal of good intentions / Kathryn Brohl. -- c2013.
  37. The social work dictionary / Robert L. Barker. --
  38. Social work education in India / edited by B.S. Gunjal, Gangabhushan M. Molankal. -- 2012.
  39. Supervision in social work / Aldred Kadushin, Daniel Harkness. -- c2002.
  40. The undeserving poor : America's enduring confrontation with poverty / by Michael B. Katz. --
  41. Women & children first : the contribution of the Children's Bureau to social work education / edited by Alice Lieberman and Kristine Nelson. --
  42. Worlds of autism : across the spectrum of neurological difference / Joyce Davidson and Michael Orsini, editors. --
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