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Recent Acquisitions in Social Welfare

Last update: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 03:00:49 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Applying complexity theory : whole systems approaches to criminal justice and social work / edited by Aaron Pycroft and Clemens Bartollas. -- 2014.
  2. Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison / Nell Bernstein. --
  3. Charter schools, race, and urban space : where the market meets grassroots resistance / Kristen L. Buras. --
  4. Children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) : recent advances and innovations in assessment, education, and intervention / edited by James K. Luiselli. --
  5. Collective trauma, collective healing : promoting community resilience in the aftermath of disaster / Jack Saul. --
  6. Coming to our senses : perceiving complexity to avoid catastrophes / Viki McCabe. --
  7. A complexity theory for public policy / Göktug Morçöl. -- 2012.
  8. Counseling the culturally different : theory and practice / Derald W. Sue, with chapter contributions by Edwin H. Richardson, Rene A. Ruiz, Elsie J. Smith. -- ©1981.
  9. Cultural and contextual perspectives on developmental risk and well-being / edited by Jacob A. Burack, McGill University, Louis A. Schmidt, McMaster University. --
  10. Cut adrift : families in insecure times / Marianne Cooper. --
  11. Deleuze & Guattari, politics and education : for a people-yet-to-come / [edited by] Matthew Carlin and Jason Wallin. --
  12. Democratic renewal and the mutual aid legacy of US Mexicans / Julie Leininger Pycior. --
  13. Diversity, social justice, and inclusive excellence : transdisciplinary and global perspectives / edited by Seth N. Asumah and Mechthild Nagel. --
  14. DSM-5 made easy : the clinician's guide to diagnosis / James Morrison. --
  15. Education, justice and the human good : fairness and equality in the education system / edited by Kirsten Meyer. --
  16. Empire's children : child emigration, welfare, and the decline of the British world, 1869-1967 / Ellen Boucher. --
  17. Environmental problems and human behavior / Gerald T. Gardner, Paul C. Stern. -- c2002.
  18. Family therapy : history, theory, and practice / Samuel T. Gladding. -- c2007.
  19. Good white people : the problem with middle-class white anti-racism / Shannon Sullivan. --
  20. A halfway house for women : oppression and resistance / Gail A. Caputo. --
  21. High price : a neuroscientist's journey of self-discovery that challenges everything you know about drugs and society / Carl Hart. -- ©2013.
  22. In our hands : the struggle for U.S. child care policy / Elizabeth Palley and Corey S. Shdaimah. --
  23. In the shadow of Saint Death : the Gulf Cartel and the price of America's drug war in Mexico / Michael Deibert. --
  24. Issues in risk assessment in child protective services / Judith S. Rycus, Ronald C. Hughes. -- 2003.
  25. Kids in the middle : how children of immigrants negotiate community interactions for their families / Vikki S. Katz. --
  26. Marriage markets : how inequality is remaking the American family / June Carbone and Naomi Cahn. --
  27. Mass incarceration on trial : a remarkable court decision and the future of prisons in America / Jonathan Simon. --
  28. Our necessary shadow : the nature and meaning of psychiatry / Tom Burns. --
  29. The Oxford handbook of multicultural identity / edited by Verónica Benet-Martínez and Ying-yi Hong. --
  30. The politics of social ties : immigrants in an ethnic homeland / Mila Dragojević. --
  31. Research methods and statistics in psychology / Hugh Coolican. --
  32. The rising tide of color : race, state violence, and radical movements across the Pacific / edited by Moon-Ho Jung. --
  33. The social roots of risk : producing disasters, promoting resilience / Kathleen Tierney. --
  34. Straightforward statistics : understanding the tools of research / Glenn Geher and Sara Hall. --
  35. Suicide among the Armed Forces : understanding the cost of service / Antoon A. Leenaars, Windsor, Ontario. --
  36. The teacher wars : a history of America's most embattled profession / Dana Goldstein. --
  37. Trans bodies, trans selves : a resource for the transgender community / edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth introduction by Jennifer Finney Boylan. --
  38. Treating PTSD with cognitive-behavioral therapies : interventions that work / Candice M. Monson and Philippe Shnaider. --
  39. Treatment of child abuse : common ground for mental health, medical, and legal practitioners / edited by Robert M. Reece, M.D., Rochelle F. Hanson, Ph.D., and John Sargent, M.D. foreword by Walter F. Mondale. --
  40. Understanding the Black flame and multigenerational education trauma : toward a theory of the dehumanization of black students / June Cara Christian. --
  41. Welfare state transformations : comparative perspectives / edited by Martin Seeleib-Kaiser. -- 2008.
  42. When boys become boys : development, relationships, and masculinity / Judy Y. Chu, with a foreword by Carol Gilligan. --
  43. The witch-hunt narrative : politics, psychology, and the sexual abuse of children / Ross E. Cheit illustrations by L. Arthi Krishnaswami. --
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