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Recent Acquisitions in Psychology

Last update: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 03:38:22 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Bayesian cognitive modeling : a practical course / Michael D. Lee, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers. --
  2. Dimensions of human behavior : person and environment / Elizabeth D. Hutchison, Virginia Commonwealth University, Emerita and contributing authors. --
  3. Firesetting and mental health : theory, research, and practice / edited by Geoffrey L. Dickens, Philip A. Sugarman and Theresa A. Gannon. -- ©2012.
  4. Happiness as enterprise : an essay on neoliberal life / Sam Binkley. --
  5. High stakes : the rising cost of America's gambling addiction / Sam Skolnik. -- ©2011.
  6. The hoarders : material deviance in modern American culture / Scott Herring. --
  7. The Oxford handbook of identity development / edited by Kate C. McLean and Moin Syed. --
  8. Towards a contextual psychology of disablism / Brian Watermeyer. -- 2013.
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