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Recent Acquisitions in Natural Resources

Last update: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 03:04:17 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. American catch : the fight for our local seafood / Paul Greenberg. --
  2. The bee : a natural history / Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich with Kelly Allin, Norman Carreck & Dr. Andrea Quigley. --
  3. Biosafety of GM crops in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania : an evolving landscape of regulatory progress and retreat / author, Judith A. Chambers. --
  4. The broken promise of agricultural progress : an environmental history / Cameron Muir. --
  5. Cheap and clean : how Americans think about energy in the age of global warming / Stephen Ansolabehere and David M. Konisky. --
  6. Conserving Oregon's environment : breakthroughs that made history / Michael McCloskey. --
  7. Determining the economic value of water : concepts and methods / Robert A. Young and John B. Loomis. --
  8. Environmental transformations : a geography of the Anthropocene / Mark Whitehead. --
  9. European wood-pastures in transition : a social-ecological approach / edited by Tibor Hartel and Tobias Plieninger. --
  10. The evolving sphere of food security / edited by Rosamond L. Naylor. --
  11. Figs : a global history / David C. Sutton. -- 2014.
  12. The food history reader : primary sources / edited by Ken Albala. --
  13. Food security, food prices and climate variability / Molly E. Brown. --
  14. Food systems in an unequal world : pesticides, vegetables, and agrarian capitalism in Costa Rica / Ryan E. Galt. --
  15. Forests in our changing world : new principles for conservation and management / Joe Landsberg and Richard Waring. --
  16. Global activism in food politics : power shift / Alana Mann. --
  17. Global environmental politics : from person to planet / edited by Simon Nicholson and Paul Wapner. --
  18. The global food system : issues and solutions / William D. Schanbacher, editor. --
  19. A golden weed : tobacco and environment in the Piedmont South / Drew A. Swanson. --
  20. The handbook of global energy policy / edited by Andreas Goldthau. --
  21. Improving diets and nutrition : food-based approaches / edited by Brian Thompson and Leslie Amoroso. --
  22. Key concepts in water resource management : a review and critical evaluation / edited by Jonathan Lautze. --
  23. Kuchnia góralska / wybór i opracowanie przepisów: Iwona Czarkowska redakcja: Ewa Ressel. --
  24. Kuchnia kaszubska / wybór i opracowanie przepisów: Łukasz Fiedoruk. --
  25. Kuchnia mazurska / wybór i opracowanie przepisów: Łukasz Fiedoruk redakcja: Ewa Ressel. --
  26. Kuchnia podlaska / wybór i opracowanie przepisów: Łukasz Fiedoruk. --
  27. Kuchnia śląska / wybór i opracowanie przepisów: Iwona Czarkowska redakcja: Ewa Ressel. --
  28. Long-term response of a forest watershed ecosystem : clearcutting in the southern Appalachians / edited by Wayne T. Swank, Jackson R. Webster. --
  29. Longhorned woodboring beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae and Disteniidae) : primary types of the Smithsonian Institution / Steven W. Lingafelter, Eugenio H. Nearns, Gérard L. Tavakilian, Miguel A. Monné, Michael Biondi. --
  30. Making markets more inclusive : lessons from CARE and the future of sustainability in agricultural value chain development / Kevin McKague and Muhammad Siddiquee. --
  31. New York City : a food biography / Andrew F. Smith. --
  32. On a farther shore : the life and legacy of Rachel Carson / William Souder. -- ©2012.
  33. Plant mutation breeding and biotechnology / edited by Q.Y. Shu, B.P.Forster, H. Nakagawa. -- c2012.
  34. Seasonal workers in Mediterranean agriculture : the social costs of eating fresh / edited by Jörg Gertel and Sarah Ruth Sippel. --
  35. Social, cultural and economic impacts of wine in New Zealand. / Peter Howland. --
  36. Social entrepreneurship in the water sector : getting things done sustainably / Rafael Ziegler, Coordinator of the Social Entrepreneurship Research Group GETIDOS, Universität Greifswald, Germany, Lena Partzsch, University of Freiburg, Germany, Jana Gebauer, IÖW, Germany, Marianne Henkel, Universität Greifswald, Germany, Justus Lodemann, Universität Greifswald, Germany, Franziska Mohaupt, IÖW, Germany. --
  37. Sustainable agroecosystems in climate change mitigation / edited by Maren Oelbermann. --
  38. This common ground : seasons on an organic farm / Scott Chaskey. -- 2005.
  39. Understanding sustainable development / John Blewitt. --
  40. Wildlife ecology, conservation, and management. --
  41. Zhongguo kun chong sheng tai da tu jian / Zhang Weiwei, Li Yuansheng zhu bian = Chinese insects illustrated / chief editors Zhang Weiwei & Li Yuansheng. -- 2011.
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