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Recent Acquisitions in Mathematics Statistics Library

Last update: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 07:29:19 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Alʹternativnai︠a︡ teorii︠a︡ mnozhestv : novyĭ vzgli︠a︡d na beskonechnostʹ / Petr Vopenka perevod so slovat︠s︡kogo A.N. Gamovoĭ i N.V. Beli︠a︡kina. --
  2. Analysis of categorical data with R / Christopher R. Bilder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, Thomas M. Loughin, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. --
  3. Automorphisms and equivalence relations in topological dynamics / David B. Ellis (Beloit College, Wisconsin), Robert Ellis (University of Minnesota). --
  4. Autour des motifs : école d'été franco-asiatique de géométrie algébrique et de théorie des nombres = Asian-French summer school on algebraic geometry and number theory / M. Kim ... [et al.]. -- 2009-
  5. Basic category theory / Tom Leinster. --
  6. Church's thesis : logic, mind and nature / edited by Adam Olszewski, Bartosz Brożek, Piotr Urbańczyk. -- 2014
  7. Compactness and stability for nonlinear elliptic equations / Emmanuel Hebey. --
  8. Computational and algorithmic linear algebra and n-dimensional geometry / Katta G Murty. --
  9. A course in mathematical analysis [by] Norman B. Haaser, Joseph P. LaSalle [and] Joseph A. Sullivan. -- [1959]-
  10. E-recursion, forcing and C*-algebras / editors, Chitat Chong, National University of Singapore, Singapore [and four others]. --
  11. An equation for every occasion : fifty-two formulas and why they matter / John M. Henshaw with contributions from Steven Lewis. --
  12. Function theory on symplectic manifolds / Leonid Polterovich, Daniel Rosen. --
  13. Functional analysis : an elementary introduction / Markus Haase. --
  14. Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems in mechanics and physics / Roger Temam. -- c1997.
  15. Lectures on Lyapunov exponents / Marcelo Viana, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), Rio de Janeiro. --
  16. Logic, computation, hierarchies / edited by Vasco Brattka, Hannes Diener, Dieter Spreen. --
  17. Markov chains and dependability theory / Gerardo Rubino and Bruno Sericola, Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique, France. --
  18. Modeling count data / Joseph M. Hilbe. --
  19. Monoidal topology : a categorical approach to order, metric, and topology / edited by Dirk Hofmann, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, Gavin J. Seal, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Walter Tholen, York University, Toronto. --
  20. The nature of mathematical modeling / Neil Gershenfeld. -- 1999.
  21. Neverending fractions : an introduction to continued fractions / Jonathan Borwein, University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Alf van der Poorten, Macquarie University, Sydney, Jeffrey Shallit, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Wadim Zudilin, University of Newcastle, New South Wales. --
  22. Non-associative normed algebras / Miguel Cabrera García, Universidad de Granada, Ángel Rodriguez Palacios, Universidad de Granada. --
  23. Numbers and geometry / John Stillwell. -- c1998.
  24. Numerical analysis for engineers and scientists / G. Miller. --
  25. The octagonal PETs / Richard Evan Schwartz. --
  26. Quantum systems, channels, information : a mathematical introduction / Alexander S. Holevo. --
  27. Set theory : exploring independence and truth / Ralf Schindler. --
  28. Standard deviations : flawed assumptions, tortured data, and other ways to lie with statistics / Gary Smith. --
  29. Statistical power analysis : a simple and general model for traditional and modern hypothesis tests / Kevin R. Murphy, Brett Myors, Allen Wolach. --
  30. Statistics. -- ©1991.
  31. Weak convergence and its applications / Zhengyan Lin, Hanchao Wang, Zhejiang University, China. --
  32. Zombies & calculus / Colin Adams. --
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