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Recent Acquisitions in Mathematics Statistics Library

Last update: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 03:06:09 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Applied regression analysis and generalized linear models / John Fox. -- c2008.
  2. Arakelov geometry / Atsushi Moriwaki translated by Atsushi Moriwaki. --
  3. Arnold : swimming against the tide / Boris Khesin, Serge Tabachnikov, editors. --
  4. Aspects of uncertainty : a tribute to D.V. Lindley / edited by A.F.M. Smith and P.R. Freeman. -- ©1994.
  5. Codes from difference sets / Cunsheng Ding, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. --
  6. Compact quantum groups and their representation categories / Sergey Neshveyev, Lars Tuset. --
  7. A course in mathematical analysis [by] Norman B. Haaser, Joseph P. LaSalle [and] Joseph A. Sullivan. -- [1959]-
  8. Delta, a paradox logic / N.S.K. Hellerstein. -- ©1997.
  9. Differential geometry and kinematics of continua / John D Clayton, US Army Research Laboratory, USA. --
  10. Differential geometry [electronic resource] : theory and applications / editors, Philippe G. Ciarlet, Ta-Tsien Li. -- c2008.
  11. Elements of stochastic modelling / Konstantin Borovkov, the University of Melbourne, Australia. --
  12. Essays on the foundations of mathematics : dedicated to A.A. Fraenkel on his seventieth anniversary / edited by Y. Bar-Hillel [and others] for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. -- 1961.
  13. Finite elements in vector lattices / Martin R. Weber. --
  14. The geometric and arithmetic volume of Shimura varieties of orthogonal type / Fritz Hörmann. --
  15. A handbook of statistical graphics using SAS ODS / Geoff Der, University of Glasgow, UK, Brian S. Everitt, Professor Emeritus, King's College, London, UK. --
  16. Images of a complex world [electronic resource] : the art and poetry of chaos / Robin Chapman, Julien Clinton Sprott foreword by Clifford A. Pickover. -- c2005.
  17. An introduction to sparse stochastic processes / Michael Unser and Pouya D. Tafti, École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne. --
  18. Lectures on the Riemann zeta function / H. Iwaniec. --
  19. Lévy processes and infinitely divisible distributions / Ken-iti Sato, Nagoya University, Japan. --
  20. Limits, limits everywhere : the tools of mathematical analysis / David Applebaum. -- 2012.
  21. Mathematical understanding of nature : essays on amazing physical phenomena and their understanding by mathematicians / V.I. Arnold translated by Alexei Sossinsky, Olga Sipacheva. --
  22. Mathematicians on creativity / edited by Peter Borwein, Peter Liljedahl, Helen Zhai. -- 2014.
  23. The mathematics companion : mathematical methods for physicists and engineers / Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps. --
  24. Nonlinear elliptic equations and nonassociative algebras / Nikolai Nadirashvili, Vladimir Tkachev, Serge Vlăduţ. --
  25. Nonparametric statistical methods using R / John Kloke, Joseph W. McKean. --
  26. The Poincaré conjecture : Clay Research Conference, resolution of the Poincaré conjecture, Institute Henri Poincaré, Paris, France, June 8-9, 2010 / James Carlson, editor. --
  27. Probabilistic normed spaces / Bernardo Lafuerza Guillén, Panackal Harikrishnan. --
  28. Quantum fractals : from Heisenberg's uncertainty to Barnsley's fractality / Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Quantum Future Group Inc, USA. --
  29. Selected expository works of Shing-tung Yau with commentary / edited by Lizhen Ji, Peter Li, Kefeng Liu, Richard Schoen. --
  30. Solution bounds for algebraic equations in control theory / Svetoslav Savov. --
  31. Spectral theory and differential equations : V.A. Marchenko's 90th anniversary collection / E. Khruslov, L. Pastur, D. Shepelsky, editors. --
  32. Statistical inference : an integrated approach / Helio S. Migon, Dani Gamerman, Francisco Louzada-Neto. --
  33. Topological modular forms / Christopher L. Douglas, John Francis, André G. Henriques, Michael A. Hill, editors. --
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