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Recent Acquisitions in Mathematics Statistics Library

Last update: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 03:26:23 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. 101 careers in mathematics / edited by Andrew Sterrett. -- c2014.
  2. Alexandre Grothendieck : a mathematical portrait / edited by Leila Schneps. -- c2014.
  3. Algebraic curves and finite fields : cryptography and other applications / edited by Harald Niederreiter, Alina Ostafe, Daniel Panario, Arne Winterhof. --
  4. Analytic projective geometry / Eduardo Casas-Alvero. -- c2014.
  5. An Aristotelian realist philosophy of mathematics : mathematics as the science of quantity and structure / James Franklin. --
  6. Autour des motifs : école d'été franco-asiatique de géométrie algébrique et de théorie des nombres = Asian-French summer school on algebraic geometry and number theory / M. Kim ... [et al.]. -- 2009-
  7. Basic language of mathematics / Juan Jorge Schäffer, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. --
  8. Bayesian networks : with examples in R / Marco Scutari, UCL Genetics Institute (UGI), Jean-Baptiste Denis, Unité de Recherche Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées, INRA. --
  9. The best writing on mathematics 2013 / Mircea Pitici, editor foreword by Roger Penrose. --
  10. Der Briefwechsel von Johann Bernoulli / herausgegeben von der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Basel. -- 1955-1992.
  11. Calculus for the ambitious / T.W. Körner. --
  12. Calculus for the life sciences / Sebastian J. Schreiber, University of California, Davis, Karl J. Smith, Professor Emeritus, Santa Rosa Junior College, Wayne M. Getz, University of California, Berkeley. --
  13. Combinatorial reasoning : an introduction to the art of counting / Duane DeTemple, William Webb (Department of Mathematics, Washington State University, Pullman, WA). --
  14. A course in complex analysis and Riemann surfaces / Wilhelm Schlag. --
  15. The D-bar Neumann problem and Schrödinger operators / by Friedrich Haslinger. --
  16. A dictionary of statistics / Graham Upton and Ian Cook. --
  17. Diffusion processes and stochastic calculus / Fabrice Baudoin. --
  18. The dynamics of discrete populations and series of events / Keith Iain Hopcraft, Eric Jakeman, Kevin D. Ridley. --
  19. Essential demographic methods / Kenneth W. Wachter. --
  20. Evolution equations with a complex spatial variable / Ciprian G. Gal (Florida International University, USA), Sorin G. Gal (University of Oradea, Romania), Jerome A. Goldstein (the University of Memphis, USA). --
  21. Functional data analysis / J.O. Ramsay, B.W. Silverman. -- c1997.
  22. The Gini methodology : a primer on a statistical methodology / Shlomo Yitzhaki, Edna Schechtman. -- 2013.
  23. Group cohomology and algebraic cycles / Burt Totaro, University of California, Los Angeles. --
  24. Hua Loo-Keng : a biography / Yuan Wang translated by Peter Shiu. -- 1999.
  25. Information and exponential families in statistical theory / O. Barndorff-Nielsen (Matematisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet). --
  26. An introduction to the representation theory of groups / Emmanuel Kowalski. --
  27. ISS-2012 proceedings volume on longitudinal data analysis subject to measurement errors, missing values, and/or outliers / Brajendra C. Sutradhar, editor. --
  28. K-schur functions and affine Schubert calculus / Thomas Lam ... [et al.]. -- c2014.
  29. Linear models with R / Julian J. Faraway. --
  30. Lower previsions / Matthias C.M. Troffaes, Gert de Cooman. --
  31. Mathematical tools for data mining : set theory, partial orders, combinatorics / Dan A. Simovici, Chabane Djeraba. --
  32. Navier-Stokes equations in planar domains / Matania Ben-Artzi, Jean-Pierre Croisille, Dalia Fishelov. -- ©2013.
  33. Number theory, Fourier analysis and geometric discrepancy / Giancarlo Travaglini. --
  34. Ordinary differential equations : from calculus to dynamical systems / V.W. Noonburg, Professor Emerita, University of Hartford. --
  35. Partial differential equations : theory, control and approximation : in honor of the scientific heritage of Jacques-Louis Lions / Philippe G. Ciarlet, Tatsien Li, Yvon Maday, editors. --
  36. Pearls from a lost city : the Lvov school of mathematics / Roman Duda translated by Daniel Davies. --
  37. Résumés des cours au Collège de France, 1973-2000 / Jacques Tits. --
  38. Selected problems in differential geometry and topology / A.T. Fomenko, A.S. Mishchenko and Yu. P. Solovyev, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University. --
  39. Sequential experimentation in clinical trials : design and analysis / Jay Bartroff, Tze Leung Lai, Mei-Chiung Shih. -- ©2013.
  40. Siméon-Denis Poisson : les mathématiques au service de la science / Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach, éditrice. --
  41. Statistics. -- ©1991.
  42. Stochastic orders in reliability and risk : in honor of professor Moshe Shaked / Haijun Li, Xiaohu Li, editors. --
  43. Strength in numbers : the rising of academic statistics departments in the U.S. / Alan Agresti, Xiao-Li Meng, editors. --
  44. Topics on real and complex singularities : proceedings of the 4th Japanese-Australian Workshop (JARCS4), Kobe, Japan, 22-25 November 2011 / editors: Satoshi Koike, Toshizumi Fukui, Laurentiu Paunescu, Adam Harris, Alexander Isaev. --
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