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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. 2011 California Senate district maps, certified / California Redistricting Commission. -- [2012?]
  2. 2014 TCWF-Field health policy poll - part 1 : increase in California voter support for Affordable Care Act : most say the state's implementation of the law has been successful : growing proportions satisfied with the way California's health care system is working / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  3. Addressing child safety in disasters / by Jennifer Arguinzoni. --
  4. American identity and the politics of multiculturalism / Jack Citrin, University of California, Berkeley David O. Sears, University of California, Los Angeles. --
  5. American public opinion / Robert S. Erikson, Kent L. Tedin. -- c2011.
  6. An analysis of federal decision-making and impact : the federal government in Oakland / Oakland Task Force, San Francisco Federal Executive Board. -- [1968?-1969]
  7. Asylums : essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates / by Erving Goffman. -- 1990.
  8. The atlas of California : mapping the challenges of a new era / Richard A. Walker and Suresh K. Lodha. -- ©2013.
  9. Big drop off in Obama's job approval rating in California : decline greatest among his base supporters / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  10. Big soda's big money : Pepsi and Coke may spend millions to defeat SF's sugary beverage tax / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  11. Broken promises of Oakland Foods Co. : workers and community activists say the highly anticipated East Oakland grocery store is falling short on its labor commitments and has launched an aggressive anti-union campaign / by Sam Levin. --
  12. Brown holds sixteen-point lead over Kashkari in governor's race : he is maintaining big leads among most key voter subgroups / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  13. California initiatives and the single-subject rule / Daniel H. Lowenstein. -- [1983]
  14. California's health workforce needs : training allied workers / Shannon McConville, Sarah Bohn, Laurel Beck. -- 2014.
  15. Capital financing after the great recession / by Todd Haggerty and Erica Michel. --
  16. Capping the well : for more than a century, the University of California has maintained extensive ties to the fossil fuel industry : a coalition of students, alumni, and climate scientists is trying to sever those bonds / by Darmin BondGraham. --
  17. Children's Bureau Commission on Children in Wartime, first meeting - March 16-18, 1942, Washington, D.C. ... United States Department of Labor, Children's Bureau, April 1942. -- 1942]
  18. Coming home : as California releases more inmates to relieve overcrowding, Oakland and San Francisco have developed innovative programs to deal with the influx : but there are many challenges ahead / by Andrew Scot Bolsinger. --
  19. Creating competitive advantages within the Southern California logistical network : February 28, 2014 field hearing the Port of San Diego pre hearing report / Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy. --
  20. Deadly delays : part one: a flawed model for care : Kaiser Permanente has been held up as a national model for healthcare, but critics contend that it routinely fails to adequately serve patients with mental health problems / by Jake Nicol. --
  21. Deadly delays : part two : gambling with children : Kaiser says its new hospital in Oakland offers first-rate services, but critics say the healthcare giant's decision to close pediatric care facilities in the East Bay has had grave consequences / by Julian Mark. --
  22. Democracy and self-organization : the systemic foundation for the democratic peace / Gus diZerega. -- [1991?]
  23. Democracy is stalled : corporate cash flows in this election while federal campaign finance reform flounders / by Emily Dugdale. --
  24. Digital divide persists in California : wide differences in Internet use and broadband connectivity across demographic subgroups of the state's adult population / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  25. The dirty fight for Oakland's trash : Oakland failed to attract competitive bids for its garbage franchise and is now pushing a proposal that critics say includes exorbitant rate hikes, weak local job protections, and an inadequate composting plan / by Sam Levin. --
  26. Displacement, how to fight it / Chester Hartman, Dennis Keating, Richard LeGates with Steve Turner. -- [©1982]
  27. District offices in state legislatures / by Angela Andrews. --
  28. Election 2014. [Part I. East Bay Express endorsements of races and propositions on November 4, 2014 general election ballot]. --
  29. Election 2014. [Part II. East Bay Express endorsements of races and propositions on November 4, 2014 general election ballot]. --
  30. Election 2014. [Part III. East Bay Express endorsements of races and propositions on November 4, 2014 general election ballot]. --
  31. Election 2014. [Part IV. East Bay Express endorsements of races and propositions on November 4, 2014 general election ballot]. --
  32. Electronic cigarettes and alternative nicotine products / by Karmen Hanson. --
  33. Electronic poll books / by Katy Owens Hubler. --
  34. The emergence of Bitcoin / by Helen Narvasa and Heather Morton. --
  35. Endorsements 2014 : [San Francisco Bay guardian endorsements of races and propositions on November 4, 2014 general election ballot]. --
  36. Everyone's hospital : SF General -- a top trauma center, important safety net, and major city commitment to public health -- moves into an uncertain transition period / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  37. Final report of the Superintendent's Advisory Committee on School Finance. -- 1973.
  38. From Siegel to Parker : a political guide to the top candidates in the 2014 Oakland mayor's race / by Robert Gammon. --
  39. Gearing up for war : police departments across the country get free military equipment, but does it make us safer or provoke violence / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  40. Giving veterans hiring preference / by Jennifer Schultz. --
  41. Healthy women, healthy babies / by Alice Wheet. --
  42. Homeless in transit : a night at Powell Stations shows how BART rousts the homeless in enforcing its new ban on sitting and lying / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  43. Immigration and Obamacare : fears about deportation have kept many Latinos from signing up for health insurance in California / by Momo Chang. --
  44. Improving view of the direction of the state and the legislature compared to past years : however, big differences by region and party registration / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  45. Improving voter turnout / by Katy Owens Hubler. --
  46. Individual development accounts for foster youth / by Qiana Torres Flores and Aubrey Hasvold. --
  47. Institutions and historical state formation : ideas, power, and trade in India and Western Europe / Hans Blomkvist. -- c [1995]
  48. Is financial assistance during a court case a lawsuit loan? / by Heather Morton. --
  49. Kansas peace officers' regional schools. Chanute-Colby-Concordia-Garden City-Hutchinson-Lawrence : a report / compiled and edited by James S. Kline and Walter Nunn. -- 1965.
  50. Kansas peace officers' regional schools. Colby-Garden City-Concordia-Hutchinson-Chanute-Lawrence (November 6 through December 15, 1967) : a report / compiled and edited by William H. Cape and June Michal. -- 1968.
  51. Kansas peace officers' regional schools. Colby-Garden City-Concordia-Hutchinson-Chanute-Lawrence : a report / compiled and edited by James S. Kline and Walter Nunn. -- 1966.
  52. Kansas peace officers' regional schools. Dodge City - Colby / compiled and edited by William H. Cape (with assistance of Donald Martin). -- 1964.
  53. The last Republican : BART Director James Fang faces a well-funded challenge for reelection / by Steven T. Jones. --
  54. Living on the streets of Oakland : the Great Recession may be over, but every night people are sleeping on benches or in makeshift shelters : here are a few of their stories / by David Bacon. --
  55. A look at voter-approval requirements for local taxes / prepared by Brian Uhler and reviewed by Marianne O'Malley. --
  56. Majority of California voters supports President Obama taking executive action to deal with the growing number of immigrant children entering the country illegally / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  57. Managing budgets during fiscal stress : lessons for local government officials / Jeremy M. Goldberg, Max Neiman. -- [2014].
  58. Master plan for hospitals and related facilities for Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island. -- 1951.
  59. Mayoral meltdown : Mayor Ed Lee pushes back against ballot measures for affordable housing, transportation funding / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  60. Mississippi report, 1950-1960 / prepared by Mississippi Advisory Council for the 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth. -- 1959.
  61. Missouri's children and youth, 1950-1960 / Missouri Committee, 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth. -- [1960]
  62. Money for Muni : learning the A, B, and L's of this fall's transportation ballot measures / by Jason Henderson. --
  63. Motorists fight back : ballot measure seeks to prioritize cars and undermine SF's "transit-first" policy / by Steven T. Jones. --
  64. Navigating the challenges of IT procurement / by Cassandra Kirsch. --
  65. Oakland's surveillance fight continues : civil liberties groups sue the feds over a surveillance program used by OPD and other local law enforcement agencies, as Oakland develops privacy safeguards that would require review of such programs / by Ali Winston. --
  66. On-bill financing : cost-free energy efficiency / by Jocelyn Durkay. --
  67. Pat crashes the party : reform, Republicans, and Robertson / Duane M. Oldfield. -- [1990]
  68. Postsecondary education in transition : the Regents 1974 progress report on Education beyond high school, the Regents statewide plan for the development of postsecondary education, 1972, draft. -- 1974.
  69. Preventing smoking during pregnancy / by Amy Winterfeld. --
  70. Profile for performance report to the Governor and to the people of Missouri. -- 1971.
  71. The protection of children in the province of Quebec. Tr. by Paul E. Marquis. -- 1948.
  72. Racing for solutions : candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast SF / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  73. Racing for solutions : candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast SF / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  74. Reducing state employee health insurance costs / by Laura Tobler. --
  75. Refugee crisis hits home : waves of child immigrants await court dates in San Francisco, facing deportation back to their violent home countries without legal representation / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  76. Rehabilitation of disabled workers and employment of the handicapped a report to the Governor's Commission on Employment of Handicapped Persons [by] C. Arthur Williams, Jr. -- 1970.
  77. Report of the Governor's Study Commission on the Public School System of North Carolina: a child well taught. -- 1968.
  78. "The research on higher education program : an appreciation of Eskil Björklund" / Martin Trow. -- [1989]
  79. Review of school transportation in California / prepared by Kenneth Kapphahn and reviewed by Rachel Ehlers. --
  80. Review of the California Department of Education / prepared by Rachel Ehlers and reviewed by Jennifer Kuhn. --
  81. The role of fiscal notes in the legislative process / by Todd Haggerty and Erica Michel. --
  82. Savings and economies in New York State education : the fourth in a series of reports of special studies relative to financing the emerging needs and increasing costs of the public schools of New York State. -- 1961.
  83. Second interim revision of the 1964 master plan for the City University of New York : submitted to the Board of Regents of the State of New York / by the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York Gustave G. Rosenberg, chairman. -- 1966.
  84. Sentinel landscapes : a novel approach to landscape conservation / by Jennifer Schultz. --
  85. Shifting gears : private solutions for senior transportation / by Amelia Myers and Jaime Rall. --
  86. Solving the transportation funding crisis / by Jaime Rall. --
  87. STEM learning in afterschool programs / by Lauren Heintz. --
  88. Strategic shift : appraising recent changes in U.S. defense plans and priorities / Richard L. Kugler and Linton Wells II. --
  89. Summary of statistical results of the 1975 countywide special census / prepared by the Contra Costa County Planning Dept.. -- [1975]
  90. A survey of the Camden City public schools. -- 1969.
  91. Teachers prepared to strike : United Educators of San Francisco authorize preliminary strike vote as concerns about cost of living rise / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  92. Teen pregnancy among youth in foster care / by Megan Comlossy. --
  93. Tom's legacy : as Ammiano returns from Sacramento, can he help revive SF's progressive spirit? / by Steven T. Jones. --
  94. Trapped in America's safety net : one family's struggle / Andrea Louise Campbell. --
  95. Treating Hepatitis C / by Karmen Hanson. --
  96. Treating the whole person by integrating care / by Laura Tobler and Chris Edmonds. --
  97. Unlocking the wealth of Indian nations : overcoming obstacles to tribal energy development / by Sean Regan edited by Laura E. Huggins. -- c2014.
  98. Use of tax funds to pay for care of the indigent sick in the voluntary hospitals of New York City : the report of the Special Committee of the Hospital Council of Greater New York appointed to study this problem / Thomas Day Thacher, chairman, Adolf A. Berle, Jr., Luther Gulick. -- 1940.
  99. Wanted: more huddled masses : tech companies lobby for more immigrant work visas, bypassing US residents and creating a labor force bound by golden handcuffs / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  100. Water with a price tag : Prop. 1 opponents line up against funding for new dams / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  101. Where does the affordable housing money go? : administrative spending by redevelopment agencies lacks accountability / California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes prepared by Nancy Vogel. -- [2010]
  102. Why Oakland can't fire bad cops : interviews and records raise questions about biased investigations into police misconduct and the competence of attorneys representing the city / by Ali Winston. --
  103. Zoo gone wild : the Oakland's Zoo's expansion into Knowland Park would destroy rare habitat and cut off public access to open space : can opponents stop the project before it's too late? / by Sam Levin. --
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