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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. The 2014-15 budget : a review of the 2014 California five-year infrastructure plan / Mac Taylor, Legislative Analyst. --
  2. Accelerating inflation and the distribution of household savings incentives / [Edward J. Kane]. -- 1979.
  3. Activists push for Berkeley soda tax : the proposed November ballot measure is designed to reduce obesity and provide funding for the city's celebrated school garden and cooking programs / by Jean Tepperman. --
  4. Alan Cranston, senator from California : making a 'dent in the world' / Judith Robinson. -- c2008.
  5. Alternative techniques for managing growth / Irving Schiffman. -- 1999.
  6. Arts in education / by Sara Shelton. --
  7. Banks' lending response to restricted creditor remedies / William C. Dunkelberg. -- 1978.
  8. The BART strike contest : the race for the 16th Assembly District in the East Bay has been dominated by a debate over whether transit workers should be able to strike : it's also attracted huge amounts of money / by Steven Tavares. --
  9. A battle for profits : the debate in Oakland over how much to raise the minimum wage and when to do it could impact the pay of low-wage workers by a half a billion dollars in the next five years / by Darwin BondGraham. --
  10. Berkeley sides with living wage violators : the city has brushed aside numerous labor complaints against a city contractor -- and has now revised it's policy in a way that benefits employers and shortchanges low-wage workers / by Sam Levin. --
  11. Breaking the chains : rival measures updating SF's formula retail control stir controversy and debate / by Steven T. Jones. --
  12. Broad voter support for posting a health warning label on sodas and sugary drinks and taxing their sale to provide funds for school nutrition and physical activity programs / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  13. Brown holds big early lead over Kashkari for governor / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  14. Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison / Nell Bernstein. --
  15. Buy local comes of age : the national campaign to create sustainable local economies is thriving as cities increasingly realize that corporate chain stores are not the answer / by Robert Gammon. --
  16. Ca$h backward$ : ten things San Francisco should fund -- and 10 things it shouldn't -- to create a fair, equitable, and forward-thinking city budget / by Rebecca Bowe, Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, and Steven T. Jones. --
  17. Canada's origins : Liberal, Tory, or Republican? / with an introduction, concluding dialogue, and essays by Janet Ajzenstat ... [et al.] edited by Janet Ajzenstat & Peter J. Smith. -- c1997.
  18. Changing climate politics : U.S. policies and civic action / editor, Yael Wolinsky-Nahmias. --
  19. Commercial banks--CRC 1979 creditors survey. -- 1980.
  20. Commission approves West Oakland specific plan in angry meeting / by Martha Bridegam. --
  21. The Community Re-investment Act of 1977 : its legislative history and its impact on applications for changes in structure made by depository institutions to the four federal financial supervisory agencies / by Warren L. Dennis. -- 1978.
  22. Comparative politics today : a world view / G. Bingham Powell, Russell J. Dalton, Kaare Strøm. --
  23. Congress and its members / Roger H. Davidson, University of Maryland Walter J. Oleszek, Congressional Research Service Frances E. Lee, University of Maryland Eric Schickler, University of California, Berkeley. --
  24. Congressional procedures and the policy process / Walter J. Oleszek. --
  25. Consumer bankruptcy study / Credit Research Center in cooperation with Arthur D. Little, Inc. and Opinion Research Corporation. -- c1982.
  26. Consumer finance companies : CRC 1979 creditors survey. -- 1980.
  27. Consumer financial data sources, 1980. -- 1980.
  28. Consumer perceptions of credit bureaus / William C. Dunkelberg, Robert W. Johnson, Robin DeMagistris. -- [1978]
  29. Cost/benefit analysis of creditors' remedies : an evaluation of the memorandum prepared by the Division of Special Projects, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, in support of a trade regulation rule to limit creditors' remedies / Robert W. Johnson. -- 1978.
  30. CRC 1979 consumer financial survey / William C. Dunkelberg, et al. -- c1981.
  31. Credit unions : CRC 1979 creditors survey. -- 1980.
  32. Delinquency rates on consumer and mortgage debt : their determinants and impact / [Richard L. Peterson and Charles A. Luckett]. -- 1976.
  33. Dem versus Dem in East Bay Congressional race : incumbent Eric Swalwell may have a tougher time this year because he's facing Democratic Senate Majority leader Ellen Corbett / by Steven Tavares. --
  34. A Digest summarizing California voter opinions about taxes, government spending and Proposition 13 / by Field Research Corporation. --
  35. "E" is for 'evidence' : Mayor Lee drafts a policy allowing him to delete emails deemed 'routine' / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  36. An economic analysis of electronic funds transfer system : the theory of credit markets / John Umbeck and William Dunkelberg. -- [1978?]
  37. An economic analysis of the "due on sale" clause in the California mortgage market / prepared by Richard T. Pratt and Tim S. Campbell. -- 1979, c1978.
  38. Eminent domain : twenty years of land acquisition at the East Bay Regional Park District and forty years of national trails advocacy / Hulet Hornbeck with an introduction by Robert E. Doyle interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2010. --
  39. An entrepreneur for the environment : creative leadership of the East Bay Regional Park District and four decades in California's local park and recreation agencies, 1968-2008 / Pat O'Brien with an introduction by Doug McConnell interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2008-2009. --
  40. Examining California voter views about taxes, government spending and Proposition 13 / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  41. The failure of Berkeley's living wage law : the company that manages three public parking garages has underpaid its employees -- and city officials, who have known about this for at least a year, have done little about it / by Sam Levin. --
  42. Federal laws and State of Washington laws concerning resource conservation. -- [1975]
  43. Field goals : four decades of leadership at the East Bay Regional Park District and shaping the emerging profession of regional park management, 1962-2003 / Jerry D. Kent with an introduction by Beverly Lane interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2010. --
  44. Food for peace act of 1966 report to accompany H.R. 14929. -- 1966.
  45. For the first time since 2007 more California voters say they are financially better off than they were during the prior year : yet, more still describe the state as being in economic bad times than good times / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  46. Gay-rights activists tackle death certificates / by Greg Lucas. --
  47. Gifts of hospitality / by Natalie O'Donnell Wood. --
  48. The growing use of transportation public-private partnerships / by James B. Reed. --
  49. Guardian endorsements : Campos for Assembly, Yes on Props. B and 42, re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown -- our recommendations for the June 2014 primary election. --
  50. Helping smokers quit improves health and budgets / by Bryan Kelley. --
  51. The hydraulics of homelessness : stormwater challenges are linked to encampments in San Jose / by Martha Bridegam. --
  52. In service to others : two decades on the board of directors of the East Bay Regional Park District, and a lifetime of service to church and community in the San Francisco Bay Area, California / Douglas L. Siden with an introduction by Robert E. Doyle interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2013. --
  53. Income gap : dueling SF minimum wage increase measures headed for November ballot unless labor and business leaders can compromise on one / by Brian McMahon. --
  54. Inspiring the creative economy : how cities increase economic activity through innovation and the arts / by Craig Watson. --
  55. An investigation of sex discrimination in commercial banks' direct consumer lending / [Richard L. Peterson]. -- 1979.
  56. Invisible no more : the East Bay's recycling workers have had enough / by David Bacon. --
  57. Junior mortgage financing and other borrowing against inflated housing equity / [David F. Seiders]. -- [1978?]
  58. Left out : progressive candidates for governor have a hard time amplifying their calls for economic justice / by Steven T. Jones. --
  59. A life in motion : two decades on the board of directors of the East Bay Regional Park District and a lifetime teaching in and shaping the field of recreation and leisure studies in the San Francisco Bay Area, California / Carol M. Severin with an introduction by Pat O'Brien interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2012. --
  60. Majority of California voters supports expanding pre-school to all four-year-olds despite its additional costs and regardless of parents' incomes / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  61. Mobile home demand and sources of financing / Charles A. Luckett. -- 1979.
  62. Notice of preparation of an environmental impact report and community plan exemption checklist : [800 Indiana Street Project]. -- 2014.
  63. Obama maintains favorable job ratings among voters in California : Congress continues to be viewed poorly : majority still believes country is on the wrong track / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  64. Obesity : progress and challenges / by Amy Winterfeld and Richard Cauchi. --
  65. Occupational and employment variations in commercial bank consumer credit risk / Richard L. Peterson. -- 1978.
  66. Online casino gambling / by Jonathan Griffin. --
  67. Parcel taxes for education in California / Eric McGhee and Margaret Weston, with research support from Daniel Krimm. --
  68. Parks and politics : two decades on the board of directors of the East Bay Regional Park District, a career as attorney, Oakland City councilman, and superior court judge, and a lifetime of advocacy in the San Francisco Bay Area, California / John H. Sutter with an introduction by Thomas Schneider interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2013. --
  69. Politics and preservation : three decades on the board of directors of the East Bay Regional Park District, 1979-2010, and a lifetime teaching politics and shaping environmental advocacy in Contra Costa County and the San Francisco Bay Area, California / Ted Radke with an introduction by Bob Doyle interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2009-2010. --
  70. The Port of Oakland's fight for living wages : the owners of fast-food franchises at Oakland International Airport argue that they should be exempt from the city's living wage law : will the courts ultimately agree? / by Sam Levin. --
  71. Problems in applying discriminant analysis in credit scoring models / Robert A. Eisenbeis. -- 1978.
  72. Proud of the whistleblowers : Glenn Greenwald's San Francisco appearance and Julian Assange's plea from exile crystallize a year of surveillance state revelations / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  73. Public affairs leader at East Bay Regional Park District, executive director of the Regional Parks Foundation, and a career in California's local governments / Rosemary L. Cameron interviews conducted by Laura McCreery in 2011. --
  74. Pumping up awareness : campaign to put climate change warnings at gas stations gains traction in Berkeley and San Francisco / by Holly McDede. --
  75. Rates of return on GNMA securities : the cost of mortgage funds / [Kenneth B. Dunn and John J. McConnell]. -- 1979.
  76. Renting isn't sharing : Share conference outlines possibilities and pitfalls for an economy at the crossroads / by Steven T. Jones. --
  77. The response of commercial banks to rate ceilings and restrictions on remedies on consumer credit contracts / A. Charlene Sullivan. -- [1980?]
  78. Retailers : CRC 1979 creditor survey / Robert W. Johnson. -- 1980.
  79. A review of regulations to prevent heat illness and deaths : are current efforts sufficient to protect outdoor workers in the fields? : joint oversight hearing / California Legislature, Senate Food & Agriculture Committee and Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee. -- [2010]
  80. The rise of pot arrests at People's Park : park-goers facing felony weed charges, including medical patients, say UC Berkeley are falsely accusing them of selling drugs as a way to force them out of the park / by Sam Levin. --
  81. The rise of the corporate Democrats : East Bay Assembly candidate Steve Glazer is the classic pro-business politician : he also worked for a group that tried to defeat liberals and elect Republicans / by Robert Gammon. --
  82. The Riverside-San Bernardino Metropolitan Area : outlook to 1991 / by Willard F. Sprague. -- [1987]
  83. A rush for the 15th : although the East Bay's 15th Assembly District features eight candidates, the contest appears to be shaping up as a battle between Elizabeth Echols and Tony Thurmond / by John Geluardi. --
  84. Sales finance companies : CRC 1979 creditors survey / [A. Charlene Sullivan and Debra A. Drecnik]. -- 1980.
  85. San Francisco, a preliminary & partial socioeconomic profile : with emphasis on poverty segments of the community and programs for alleviation of their unemployment / by Gene Bernardi. -- [1964]
  86. Savings and loan associations--CRC 1979 creditors survey. -- 1980.
  87. Socio-demographic description of Neighborhood Legal Services' clientele. -- 1967.
  88. The streets of San Francisco : policing and the creation of a cosmopolitan liberal politics, 1950-1972 / Christopher Lowen Agee. --
  89. The strike force that never struck : despite pledging to crack down on foreclosure scam artists three years ago, Attorney General Kamala Harris has allowed an industry of fraud to flourish / by Darwin BondGraham. --
  90. Taxing speculators : rival housing measures debated in City Hall, previewing high-stakes battles at the ballot / by Steven T. Jones. --
  91. Testing for sex discrimination in commercial bank consumer lending / Richard L. and Carol M. Peterson. -- 1978.
  92. There is no such thing as a child prostitute : Kate Walker and other youth advocates say it's wrong to lock up sexually exploited kids : and new state funding could soon help young victims : but it's only a start / by Lynsey Clark. --
  93. Tocks Island region environmental study / Roy F. Weston prepared for Delaware River Basin Commission. -- 1970.
  94. The transfer implications of consumer credit regulation / William C. Dunkelberg. -- 1979.
  95. Two views of the waterfront : controversial developments proposed for Port of San Francisco property trigger public debate about who should control the city's valuable edge / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  96. The ugly campaign : the battle for the East Bay's 10th State Senate district maybe the most negative local contest in recent memory / by Steven Tavares. --
  97. Very partisan views of the direction of the state and the job performance of the legislature / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  98. Waiting for transit : people with disabilities find it increasingly difficult to catch a train, bus, or taxi / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  99. The water tunnel boondoggle : experts say the eye-popping costs of Governor Brown's plan to build two giant water tunnels far outweigh the financial benefits : and taxpayers may be left holding the bag / by Joaquin Palomino. --
  100. Welfare reform in California : state and county implementation of CalWORKs in the first year, executive summary / Gail L. Zellman [and others]. -- 1999.
  101. What's poisoning the bees : toxic pesticides are killing honeybees and other pollinators -- and our food supply stands to suffer / by Sam Levin. --
  102. While Californians are dissatisfied with wealth disparity, they are divided about government's role in trying to reduce the gap and about increasing the state's minimum wage above its currently scheduled increases / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  103. The who, what, and where of America : understanding the American Community Survey / edited by Deirdre A. Gaquin, Gwenavere W. Dunn. --
  104. Will November races excite liberal voters? : less than one-quarter of registered voters in Alameda County cast ballots in the June 3, primary, as Republican candidates scored a series of upsets / by Steven Tavares. --
  105. Will small modular reactors transform the nuclear industry / by Kristy Hartman and Lauren Rodman. --
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