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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. 50 years of LAFCOs : a guide to LAFCOs : California's local agency formation commissions / [Samantha Lui] Senate Governance and Finance Committee. --
  2. 1975 motor vehicle law / annotated by Ben F. Loeb, Jr. -- [1975], ©1974.
  3. Addressing California's pension shortfalls: the role of demographics in designing solutions / by Perry Wong and I-Ling Shen. --
  4. Adult offenders in local custody and under community supervision in San Diego County : 2008, 2011, and 2012 / Cynthia Burke. -- 2014.
  5. Alcoholic beverage control law, 1971 [by] Ben F. Loeb, Jr. -- [1972]
  6. Availability of notice of preparation of environmental impact report and community exemption checklist : 1546-1564 Market Street. -- 2014.
  7. A barrier to Proposition 1? : some environmental groups support the bond measure because it would help water-quality efforts, but many other organizations oppose it, mostly because it would finance new dams / by Jean Tepperman. --
  8. Basic legal problems in the taxation of property constitutional, statutory, and judicial aspects of the taxation of real property and tangible and intangible personal property in North Carolina a report to the Commission for the Study of the Revenue Structure of the State of North Carolina. -- 1958.
  9. Bay to market: Bay Area innovations leading clean technology development / produced by: Next 10 prepared by: Collaborative Economics. --
  10. Before the Federal communications commission. Telephone investigation. Special investigation docket no. 1. Brief of Bell system companies on Commissioner Walker's proposed report on the telephone investigation. -- [1938]
  11. Boom and bust : the politics of the California budget / Jeff Cummins. --
  12. Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison / Nell Bernstein. --
  13. Cal refuses to pay Berkeley minimum wage : the city's largest employer -- UC Berkeley -- says it's exempt from abiding by the new minimum wage of $10 an hour in Berkeley / by Darwin BondGraham. --
  14. California budget transparency 2.0 : online tools for better government / Siena Kaplan, Pedro Morillas, Emily Rusch, Phineas Baxandall. -- [2009]
  15. California state government : an outline of its administrative organization / by Elizabeth Farina. -- [1949]
  16. California's charter schools : 2009 update on issues and performance. -- [2009]
  17. California's future economy and population : implications for a fiscal policy agenda : prepared for California Forward / Stephen Levy. -- [2009].
  18. Catalogs and other information sources on Federal and State aid programs : a selected bibliography. -- 1966.
  19. Chevron's misguided campaign : the oil giant's heavy-handed tactics in Richmond backfired big time -- even one of its favored candidates thinks so / by John Geluardi. --
  20. Children and food allergies / by Ashley A. Noble. --
  21. Clean valley : San Joaquin Valley leveraging natural resources to grow the clean economy / produced by: Next 10 prepared by: Collaborative Economics. --
  22. The comprehensive older Americans services amendments of 1972 : report (to accompany H.R. 15657). -- [1972]
  23. The corporations and social change. -- [1972]
  24. Councilmember fails to file campaign reports : records show that Lynette Gibson McElhaney, who is seeking to become the next president of the Oakland City Council, failed to file her latest campaign donor reports / by Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston. --
  25. County finance [by] Robert G. Byrd. -- 1967.
  26. Deletion of water resource projects from the fiscal year 1978 budget : message from the President of the United States ... -- 1977.
  27. Department of Fair Employment and Housing : underfunding and misguided policies compromise civil rights mission / prepared by Dorothy Korber and John Adkisson. --
  28. Draft environmental impact report : 1601 Mariposa Street mixed use project. -- 2014.
  29. Driving the spotlight: Los Angeles and Orange Counties' large producer and consumer base driving advanced transportation growth / produced by: Next 10 prepared by: Collaborative Economics. --
  30. An environmental setback at Brooklyn Basin : the East Bay is going to lose out on a planned marsh restoration because federal regulators are forcing developers of the massive Oakland waterfront project to direct funds to Redwood City / by Sam Levin. --
  31. Fact check : despite failures by state's toxics regulator, many recent criticisms are unfounded / prepared by John Hill, California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes. --
  32. Fatal system error : private nonprofit hospitals which benefit from huge tax breaks, fail to care for the East Bay's poorest residents -- and now one public hospital is on the verge of collapse / by Sam Levin. --
  33. Fire protection law. -- 1972.
  34. The fiscal capacity of the states a source book. Prepared by Arthur Bernstein, Alexander Gall, Hugh W. Mohrbacher, George Tobias, Martin B. Uram, Isidore Weisberg under the direction of Paul H. Wueller. -- [1938]
  35. A guidebook for the governing boards of community mental health centers. -- [1965]
  36. A health and hospital study of the Grand Rapids Regions, Michigan / by James A. Hamilton and Associates. -- 1948.
  37. Informational hearing on the Division of Workers' Compensation : is the Division appropriately serving California's injured workers? / California State Legislature, Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations. -- [2010]
  38. The law of arrest. -- [1961]
  39. The law of confessions and scientific evidence / by David N. Smith. -- [1963]
  40. Living lab: San Diego and Imperial Counties fostering smart grid and biorenewable development / produced by: Next 10 prepared by: Collaborative Economics. --
  41. The local property tax in New Jersey in 1960. -- 1960-61.
  42. Money for jails, not services : Alameda County continues to invest heavily in jail cells while failing to put public safety funds toward critical social services for the formerly incarcerated / by Sam Levin. --
  43. Motor vehicle law in North Carolina / by John Fries Blair [and others]. -- ©1951.
  44. Motor vehicle law of North Carolina, by Ben F. Loeb, Jr. -- 1972.
  45. A new era for charter schools? : private charter operators could soon take over five struggling schools in Oakland -- and reap the benefits of a new parcel tax aimed at boosting public high schools / by Sam Levin. --
  46. North Carolina cases and materials on family law / by Roddey M. Ligon, Jr. -- [1962]
  47. North Carolina fire laws, by Ben F. Loeb, Jr. -- 1966.
  48. North Carolina guidebook for registers of deeds. Edited by William A. Campbell. -- 1972.
  49. Oakland readies for housing boom : the city has set the stage for major development in West Oakland, Chinatown, and beyond -- but activists say officials have failed to prioritize affordable housing / by Sam Levin. --
  50. Overview of California state-funded R&D, 2004-2007 : understanding the state's role in shaping R&D spending / M. Daniel DeCillis, California Council on Science and Technology. -- 2008.
  51. Philadelphia housing quality survey / Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. -- 1949-1950.
  52. Power town: California's capital region mobilizing to meet growing demand for clean technologies / produced by: Next 10 prepared by: Collaborative Economics. --
  53. Preparation for revaluation : a guide for county officials concerned with planning and financing revaluation of real property for tax purposes / by Henry W. Lewis. -- 1956.
  54. Progressive domination : liberals won nearly every political contest in Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond on November 4 : and so did the candidates and measures endorsed by the Express / by Robert Gammon. --
  55. The property tax an introduction [by] Henry W. Lewis. -- 1972.
  56. Property tax collection in North Carolina / by Henry W. Lewis. -- [1951]
  57. Property tax collection in North Carolina / Henry W. Lewis. -- [1957]
  58. Public Utilities Commission of Utah Laws : compiled laws of Utah, 1917 : as amended and added to at sessions of the State Legislature, 1919, special session 1919, 1925, 1927, and 1929. -- [1929?]
  59. Public utilities laws. : Statutes of Virginia governing heat, light, power, water, telephone and telegraph companies. / compiled and published by the State Corporation Commission, with all amendments to June 18, 1920. R.T. Wilson, clerk of the Commission. -- 1920.
  60. Rehabilitation in Minnesota a legislative study. -- 1970.
  61. Report. -- 1954.
  62. Report of progress, 1957-1962. -- [1963?]
  63. [Report prepared for the Special Committee of the Metropolitan Council on Metropolitan Affairs / Metropolitan Committee of Heads of Departments]. -- [1961?]
  64. Revisiting California's energy future / Little Hoover Commission. --
  65. Running as a woman : gender and power in American politics / Linda Witt, Karen M. Paget, Glenna Matthews. -- ©1994.
  66. Saving the homeowner bill of rights : two years ago, California passed landmark statutes that sought to protect borrowers from wrongful foreclosures : but since then, big banks have successfully neutralized the law / by Darwin BondGraham. --
  67. SB 375 : from vision to implementation : the summary report from the informational hearing / California State Legislature, Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. --
  68. Shell-shocked : Bay Area residents could enjoy Dungeness crab for half the year, if it weren't for big businesses squeezing out local fishermen and shipping much of the crab elsewhere / by Luke Tsai. --
  69. A speaker's book of facts. -- 1952.
  70. Suggested changes in the motor vehicle laws of North Carolina. Collected and analyzed for the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles by Fen F. Loeb, Jr. and Stephen L. Meyer. -- 1972.
  71. Supplying energy through greater efficiency : the potential for conservation in California's residential sector / Janice Wright [and others]. -- 1981 [©1980]
  72. Third interim revision of the 1964 master plan for the City University of New York : submitted to the Board of Regents of the State of New York / by the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York Porter R. Chandler, chairman. -- 1967.
  73. Toward a world-class passenger rail system in California : evaluating high-speed rail's potential for success : the summary report from the informational hearing / California State Legislature, Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. --
  74. West Oakland councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney, who represents a district impacted by gentrification, used her social justice nonprofit to finance for-profit house-flipping deals in Oakland / by Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston. --
  75. What ever happened to California? / by Peter Schrag. --
  76. Wholesale prices : quantity weighting factors used in calculating index numbers, 1890-1934 / prepared by Division of Wholesale Prices, Jesse M. Cutts, chief. -- 1935.
  77. Working too hard to make the grade : how fewer work hours and more financial aid can help California community college students succeed / Saffron Zomer. -- 2009.
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