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Recent Acquisitions in Engineering

Last update: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 03:13:07 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Activated sludge technologies for treating industrial wastewaters : design and troubleshooting / W. Wesley Eckenfelder Jr., Joseph G. Cleary. -- c2014.
  2. Adhesive particle flow : a discrete-element approach / Jeffrey S. Marshall, University of Vermont, Shuiqing Li, Tsinghua University. --
  3. Apache Hadoop YARN : moving beyond MapReduce and batch processing with Apache Hadoop 2 / Arun C. Murthy, Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli, Doug Eadline, Joseph Niemiec, Jeff Markham. -- [2014]
  4. Bicycle design : an illustrated history / Tony Hadland and Hans-Erhard Lessing with contributions from Nick Clayton and Gary W. Sanderson. --
  5. Biomimetic biomaterials : structure and applications / edited by Andrew J. Ruys. --
  6. Building facades for solar water treatment : design and characterization of a vertically-integrated multistep (VIMS) solar photocatalytic water treatment reactor / by Vivek Mohan Rao. -- 2012.
  7. Cambridge handbook of engineering education research / edited by Aditya Johri, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Barbara M. Olds, Colorado School of Mines and National Science Foundation. --
  8. Computing with quantum cats : from Colossus to Qubits / by John Gribbin. --
  9. Concise computer vision : an introduction into theory and algorithms / Reinhard Klette. --
  10. Control design of vibratory type angle measuring gyroscope / by Deepan Muthirayan. -- 2012.
  11. Control sequence generation for 2D rotational draining / by Peter Michael Cottle. -- 2012.
  12. Current at the nanoscale : an introduction to nanoelectronics / Colm Durkan. --
  13. Development of a human torso surrogate for testing and evaluation of non-lethal kinetic munitions / by Steven Patrick Cardinali. -- 2012.
  14. Electrospun nanowire gas sensor / by Sanghyun Kim. -- 2012.
  15. Experimental investigations on the dynamics of air-bearing sliders in light contacts / by Yung-Kan Chen. -- 2012.
  16. Fiber optic communications : fundamentals and applications / Shiva Kumar and M. Jamal Deen. --
  17. The finite element method in electromagnetics / Jian-ming Jin. --
  18. Fundamentals of stream processing : application design, systems, and analytics / Henrique C.M. Andrade (JP Morgan, New York), Buğra Gedik (Bilkent University, Turkey), Deepak S. Turaga (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, New York) --
  19. Game design workshop : a playcentric approach to creating innovative games / by Tracy Fullerton with a foreword by Eric Zimmerman. --
  20. Gidromekhanika / I︠A︡.I. Voĭtkunskiĭ, I︠U︡.I. Faddeev, K.K. Fedi︠a︡evskiĭ. --
  21. Girls coming to tech! : a history of American engineering education for women / Amy Sue Bix. --
  22. Health and environmental safety of nanomaterials : polymer nancomposites and other materials containing nanoparticles / edited by James Njuguna, Krzysztof Pielichowski and Huijun Zhu. --
  23. The horizons of evolutionary robotics / edited by Patricia A. Vargas, Ezequiel A. Di Paolo, Inman Harvey, and Phil Husbands. --
  24. Hydraulic fracturing explained : evaluation, implementation, and challenges / Erle C. Donaldson, Waqi Alam, and Nasrin Begum, Tetrahedron, Inc. --
  25. Image processing, analysis, and machine vision / Milan Sonka, The University of Iowa, Iowa City Vaclav Hlavac, Czech Technical University, Prague Roger Boyle, Prifysgol Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth. --
  26. Integrated water resources management in a changing world : lessons learnt and innovative perspectives / editors: Dietrich Borchardt and Ralf Ibisch. -- 2013.
  27. Introduction to graphene-based nanomaterials : from electronic structure to quantum transport / Luis E. F. Foa Torres, Argentine National Council for Science and Technology (CONICET) and National University of Córdoba, Argentina, Stephan Roche, ICREA and Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Jean-Christophe Charlier, University of Louvain, Belgium. --
  28. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz : Grundlagen intelligenter Systeme / Klaus Mainzer. --
  29. Land of Lisp : learn to program in Lisp, one game at a time! / by Conrad Barski. -- 2011.
  30. Life cycle assessment shows carbon savings from a fuel-efficient biomass cookstove dwarf embodied carbon emissions / by Daniel Wilson. -- 2012.
  31. Mathematical methods and models in composites / editor, Vladislav Mantič. --
  32. Mechanical design engineering handbook / Peter R.N. Childs. --
  33. Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 20 : NextMed/MMVR20 / edited by James D. Westwood ... [et al.]. -- c2013.
  34. Methods in biomedical informatics : a pragmatic approach / edited by Indra Neil Sarkar. --
  35. Modeling of adhesive microparticle with the discrete element method / by Chang-Yoon Park. -- 2012.
  36. Molecular sensors and nanodevices : principles, designs and applications in biomedical engineering / John X. J. Zhang, Kazunori Hoshino. --
  37. Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the treatment of life-threatening diseases : nanomedicine, diagnostics and drug delivery / Narendra Kumar and Rajiv Kumar. -- 2014.
  38. Neural networks and statistical learning / Ke-Lin Du, M.N.S. Swamy. --
  39. Numerical computing with modern Fortran / Richard J. Hanson, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tim Hopkins, University of Kent, Kent, United Kingdom. --
  40. On the design of a user interface device for a powered medical exoskeleton / by Kyunam Kim. -- 2012.
  41. Perchlorate salt effects on rock weathering on Mars at the Phoenix landing site / by Mera Fayez Horne. -- 2012.
  42. Principles of communications : systems, modulation, and noise / Rodger E. Ziemer, William H. Tranter. --
  43. Production pipeline fundamentals for film and game / edited by Renee Dunlop. --
  44. Rapid design and fabrication methodology for moldable materials used in artificial photosynthesis / by Joshua Ryan Eggleston. -- 2012.
  45. Realm of Racket : learn to program, one game at a time! / by Matthias Felleisen, Conrad Barski, Forrest Bice, Rose DeMaio, Spencer Florence, Feng-yun Mimi Lin, Scott Lindeman, Nicole Nussbaum, Eric Peterson, Ryan Plessner, and David Van Horn. --
  46. Redes neuronales y sistemas borrosos / Bonifacio Martín del Brío, Alfredo Sanz Molina. --
  47. Risk analysis in engineering and economics / Bilal M. Ayyub. -- c2014.
  48. Rolling mill modeling and control using online iterative learning control / by Omar Abdul-hadi. -- 2012.
  49. A scoring methodology for quantifying the mode, severity and geometric extent of damage to metallic bearing surfaces of total shoulder replacements / by Farzana Ansari. -- 2012.
  50. Smart sensors and MEMS : intelligent devices and microsystems for industrial applications / edited by Stoyan Nihtianov and Antonio Luque. --
  51. Social media mining : an introduction / Reza Zafarani, Arizona State University, Tempe, Mohammad Ali Abbasi, Arizona State University, Tempe, Huan Liu, Arizona State University, Tempe. --
  52. A study on the electric field effects on premixed methane-air flames in narrow channels / by Gregory Alan Noel. -- 2012.
  53. Surface modification by solid state processing / edited by Rosa Miranda. --
  54. Switching power supply design and optimization / Sanjaya Maniktala. --
  55. A systematic derivation of the Green-Kubo formula for thermal conductivity and its application to silicon nanowires / by Shirkant Anil Kshirsagar. -- 2012.
  56. Techniques and principles in three-dimensional imaging : an introductory approach / [compiled] by Martin Richardson, De Montfont Univerity, UK. --
  57. Thermal power plant cooling : context and engineering / edited by Carey W. King, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin. --
  58. Thermal stresses and temperature control of mass concrete / Zhu Bofang, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, and Chinese Academy of Engineering. --
  59. Thermodynamics for engineers / Kenneth A. Kroos, Merle C. Potter. --
  60. Understanding engineering mathematics / John Bird, BSc(Hons), CEng, CMath, CSci, FIMA, FIET, FCollT. --
  61. Water 4.0 : the past, present, and future of the world's most vital resource / David Sedlak. --
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