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Recent Acquisitions in Education

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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Affirming language diversity in schools and society : beyond linguistic apartheid / edited by Pierre Wilbert Orelus. --
  2. African American male students in preK-12 schools : informing research, policy and practice / edited by James L. Moore III, Chance W. Lewis. --
  3. Alleviating bullying : conquering the challenge of violent crimes / edited by Ashraf Esmail. --
  4. Augmented education : bringing real and virtual learning together / Kieron Sheehy, Rebecca Ferguson, Gill Clough. --
  5. Badass teachers unite! : reflections on education, history, and youth activism / Mark Naison. --
  6. Beyond the bubble test : how performance assessments support 21st century learning / Linda Darling-Hammond, Frank Adamson. --
  7. The big lies of school reform : finding better solutions for the future of public education / edited by Paul C. Gorski and Kristien Zenkov. -- 2014.
  8. Bilingual language acquisition : Spanish and English in the first six years / Carmen Silva-Corvalán, University of Southern California. --
  9. Built to fail : structural deficiencies and student failure / Randy K. Trani and Robert K. Irvine. --
  10. Connecting histories of education : transnational and cross-cultural exchanges in (post-)colonial education / edited by Barnita Bagchi, Eckhardt Fuchs and Kate Rousmaniere. --
  11. Critical narrative as pedagogy / Ivor Goodson and Scherto Gill. --
  12. Deeper learning : how eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century / Monica R. Martinez, Dennis McGrath. --
  13. Deleuze & Guattari, politics and education : for a people-yet-to-come / [edited by] Matthew Carlin and Jason Wallin. --
  14. Digital networking for school reform : the online grassroots efforts of parent and teacher activists / edited by Alison Heron-Hruby and Melanie Landon-Hays. --
  15. Digital technologies for school collaboration / Anastasia Gouseti. --
  16. Educational leadership for ethics and social justice : views from the social sciences / edited by Anthony H. Normore, California State University, Jeffrey S. Brooks, University of Idaho. --
  17. Enacted mathematics curriculum : a conceptual framework and research needs / edited by Denisse R. Thompson, University of South Florida and Zalman Usiskin, University of Chicago. --
  18. First Freire : early writings in social justice education / Carlos Alberto Torres foreword by Moacir Gadotti. --
  19. The first year of teaching : classroom research to increase student learning / edited by Jabari Mahiri. --
  20. For what child / L. Lawrence Riccio. --
  21. From the ivory tower to the schoolhouse : how scholarship becomes common knowledge in education / Jack Schneider. --
  22. Globalization and education : integration and contestation across cultures / edited by Nelly P. Stromquist and Karen Monkman. --
  23. Hire better teachers now : using the science of selection to find the best teachers for your school / Dale S. Rose, Andrew English, Treena Gillespie Finney. --
  24. The history of Gallaudet University : 150 years of a deaf American institution / David F. Armstrong. --
  25. How children learn to write words / Rebecca Treiman and Brett Kessler --
  26. I can learn from you : boys as relational learners / Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley. --
  27. In our hands : the struggle for U.S. child care policy / Elizabeth Palley and Corey S. Shdaimah. --
  28. Inequalities in the teaching profession : a global perspective / edited by Marie-Pierre Moreau, reader in education, University of Roehampton, UK. --
  29. Inspiring greatness in education : a school of the 21st century model at the Independence School District / Dr. Edward F. Zigler, Dr. Jim Hinson, and Jennifer Walker, M.Ed. --
  30. Interrogating (hi)stories : establishing the educational relevance of spiritual development through critical historiography / Audrey Lingley. --
  31. Kids in the middle : how children of immigrants negotiate community interactions for their families / Vikki S. Katz. --
  32. Leading for educational lives : inviting and sustaining imaginative acts of hope in a connected world / John M. Novak, Denise E. Armstrong and Brendan Browne. -- c2014.
  33. Learning analytics : from research to practice / Johann Ari Larusson, Brandon White, editors. --
  34. Literacy, play and globalization : converging imaginaries in children's critical and cultural performances / Carmen Liliana Medina and Karen E. Wohlwend. --
  35. Mathematics and the body : material entanglements in the classroom / Elizabeth de Freitas, Adelphi University, Nathalie Sinclair, Simon Fraser University. --
  36. Mathematics for equity : a framework for successful practice / edited by Na'ilah Suad Nasir ... [and four others]. --
  37. Multicultural education for learners with special needs in the twenty-first century / edited by Festus E. Obiakor, Valdosta State University, Anthony F. Rotatori, Saint Xavier University. --
  38. Negotiating privilege and identity in educational contexts / Adam Howard, Aimee Polimeno, and Brianne Wheeler. --
  39. On the rocketship : how top charter schools are pushing the envelope / Richard Whitmire. --
  40. Our school : searching for community in the era of choice / Sam Chaltain foreword by Ken Robinson. --
  41. Pathways to teacher leadership : emerging models, changing roles / Marya R. Levenson. -- [2014]
  42. Pedagogy out of bounds : untamed variations of democratic education / by Yusef Waghid. --
  43. The politics of pleasure in sexuality education : pleasure bound / edited by Louisa Allen, Mary Lou Rasmussen, and Kathleen Quinlivan. --
  44. Popular culture, pedagogy and teacher education : international perspectives / edited by Phil Benson and Alice Chik. --
  45. The pursuit of wisdom and happiness in education : historical sources and contemplative practices / Sean Steel. --
  46. Queer inclusion in teacher education : bridging theory, research, and practice / Olivia J. Murray. --
  47. The quest for mastery : positive youth development through out-of-school programs / Sam M. Intrator, Don Siegel. -- c2014.
  48. The question of conscience : higher education and personal responsibility / David Watson. --
  49. Reading poverty in America / Patrick Shannon. --
  50. Reconceptualizing early childhood care & education : a reader : critical questions, new imaginaries and social activism / Marianne N. Bloch, Beth Blue Swadener, and Gaile S. Cannella, editors. --
  51. School choice : a balanced approach / William H. Jeynes. --
  52. Schooling for tomorrow's America / edited by Marcella L. Kysilka, University of Central Florida, O.L. Davis, Jr., University of Texas-Austin. --
  53. Shifting to fit : the politics of black and white identity in school leadership / by Carol A. Mullen, Virginia Tech, and Kim Robertson, Vandalia Elementary School. --
  54. Speaking of fourth grade : what listening to kids tells us about school in America / Inda Schaenen. --
  55. Systems of reason and the politics of schooling : school reform and sciences of education in the tradition of Thomas S. Popkewitz / edited by Miguel A. Pereyra and Barry M. Franklin. --
  56. Teacher Education and Pedagogy : Theory, Policy and Practice / edited by Michael Evans. --
  57. Teacher identity and the struggle for recognition : meeting the challenges of a diverse society / edited by Patrick M. Jenlink. --
  58. Teaching the taboo : courage and imagination in the classroom / Rick Ayers, William Ayers foreword by Carol Lee. --
  59. Test fraud : statistical detection and methodology / edited by Neal M. Kingston and Amy K. Clark. --
  60. Understanding school bullying : its nature & prevention strategies / Peter K. Smith. --
  61. Understanding the Black flame and multigenerational education trauma : toward a theory of the dehumanization of black students / June Cara Christian. --
  62. What lies ahead for America's children and their schools / edited by Chester E. Finn Jr. and Richard Sousa with an introduction by Chester E. Finn Jr. --
  63. Why are so many minority students in special education? : understanding race & disability in schools / Beth Harry, Janette Klingner forewords by Lisa D. Delpit and Alfredo Artiles. --
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