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Recent Acquisitions in Education

Last update: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 03:03:59 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Alliances for advancing academic women : guidelines for collaborating in STEM fields / edited by Penny J. Gilmer, Berrin Tansel and Michelle Hughes Miller. --
  2. The arc of the academic research career : issues and implications for U.S. science and engineering leadership : summary of a workshop / Beryl Lieff Benderly, rapporteur Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy Policy and Global Affairs National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. --
  3. Battling the student engagement front : fresh tactics in a tortured turnaround struggle / Justin A. Collins. --
  4. Building on resilience : models and frameworks of Black male success across the P-20 pipeline / edited by Fred A. Bonner II foreword by Tim King afterword by Robert T. Palmer. --
  5. By different paths to common outcomes : literacy learning and teaching / Marie M. Clay foreword by Peter Johnston. --
  6. Bye bye, little red schoolhouse : the changing face of public education in the 21st century / Justin A. Collins. --
  7. Children's bodies in schools : corporeal performances of social class / Sue Ellen Henry. --
  8. Children's peer talk : learning from each other / edited by Asta Cekaite, Shoshana Blum-Kulka, Vibeke Grøver and Eva Teubal. --
  9. Children's voices : studies of interethnic conflict and violence in European schools / edited by Mateja Sedmak, Zorana Medarić and Sarah Walker. --
  10. Choosing homes, choosing schools / Annette Lareau, Kimberly Goyette, editors. --
  11. Community matters : service-learning in engaged design and planning / edited by Mallika Bose, Paula Horrigan, Cheryl Doble, and Sigmund C. Shipp. --
  12. Curriculum*-in-the-making : a post-constructivist perspective / Wolff-Michael Roth. --
  13. Death of a suburban dream : race and schools in Compton, California / Emily E. Straus. --
  14. Debates in science education / edited by Mike Watts. --
  15. Deschooling the imagination : critical thought as social practice / Eric J. Weiner. --
  16. Dress casual : how college students redefined American style / Deirdre Clemente. --
  17. Dynamics of social class, race, and place in rural education / edited by Craig B. Howley, Ohio University, Aimee Howley, Ohio University, Jerry D Johnson, University of North Florida. --
  18. Early childhood in postcolonial Australia : children's contested identities / Prasanna Srinivasan. --
  19. Education in East and Central Africa / edited by Charl Wolhuter. --
  20. Education in indigenous, nomadic and travelling communities / edited by Rosarii Griffin. --
  21. Education, land, and location / edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Daphne A. Kenyon. --
  22. The effect of interactivity in e-learning systems / by Luis Palacios and Chris Evans. -- 2013.
  23. Einstein Fellows : best practices in STEM education / edited by Tim Spuck & Leigh Jenkins with assistance from Terrie Rust & Remy Dou. --
  24. Empire education and indigenous childhoods : nineteenth-century missionary infant schools in three british colonies / by Helen May, Baljit Kaur, and Larry Prochner. -- 2014.
  25. End of academic freedom : the coming obliteration of the core purpose of the university / by William M. Bowen, Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz, Cleveland State University and Lisa Camp, Case School of Engineering. --
  26. English learner instruction through collaboration and inquiry in teacher education / edited by James F. Nagle. -- ©2014.
  27. Equal scrutiny : privatization and accountability in digital education / Patricia Burch, Annalee G. Good. -- ©2014.
  28. Feminism, gender and universities : politics, passion and pedagogies / Miriam E. David. --
  29. The fountain of knowledge : the role of universities in economic development / Shiri M. Breznitz. --
  30. Girls and women in STEM : a never ending story / edited by Janice Koch, Emerita Hofstra University, Barbara Polnick, Sam Houston State University, Beverly Irby, Texas A & M University. --
  31. Globalization and its impacts on the quality of PhD education / edited by Maresi Nerad (University of Washington, Seattle, USA) and Barbara Evans (University of British Columbia, Canada). --
  32. Handbook of research on science education. Volume II / edited by Norman G. Lederman, Sandra K. Abell. --
  33. Higher education at risk : strategies to improve outcomes, reduce tuition, and stay competitive in a disruptive environment / by Sandra Featherman. --
  34. Historically Black college leadership and social transformation : how past practices inform the present and future / edited by Vickie L. Suggs. --
  35. In the service of learning and empowerment : service-learning, critical pedagogy, and the Problem-Solution Project / Vera L. Stenhouse [and 3 others]. --
  36. Inclusion : teachers' perspectives and practices / Faith Edmonds Andreason. --
  37. Inside Ocean Hill-Brownsville : a teacher's education, 1968-69 / Charles S. Isaacs. --
  38. International perspectives on education, religion and law / edited by Charles J. Russo. --
  39. The invisible classroom : relationships, neuroscience & mindfulness in school / Kirke Olson foreword by Louis Cozolino. --
  40. Jesuit student groups, the Universidad Iberoamericana, and political resistance in Mexico, 1913-1979 / David Espinosa. --
  41. The leadership identity journey : an artful reflection / Carol A. Mullen, Fenwick W. English, and William A. Kealy. --
  42. Leading and managing indigenous education in the postcolonial world / Zane Ma Rhea. --
  43. Learner's privilege and responsibility : a critical examination of the experiences and perspectives of learners from Chinese backgrounds in the United States / Edited by Wen Ma, Le Moyne College Chuang Wang, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. --
  44. Learning-focused leadership in action : improving instruction in schools and districts / Michael S. Knapp, Meredith I. Honig, Margaret L. Plecki, Bradley S. Portin, and Michael A. Copland. --
  45. Making the Soviet intelligentsia : universities and intellectual life under Stalin and Khrushchev / Benjamin Tromly. --
  46. The modern land-grant university / edited by Robert J. Sternberg. --
  47. Multilingual universities in South Africa : reflecting society in higher education / Edited by Liesel Hibbert and Christa van der Walt. --
  48. The new landscape of mobile learning : redesigning education in an app-based world / edited by Charles Miller, Aaron Doering. --
  49. New literacies around the globe : policy and pedagogy / edited by Cathy Burnett [and 3 others]. --
  50. Novum organum II : going beyond the scientific research model / Chris Edwards. --
  51. Pedagogical imagination : a conceptual memoir / Edmund W. Gordon foreword by Eleanor Armour Thomas. --
  52. A pedagogy of powerful communication : youth radio and radio arts in the multilingual classroom / Dana Walker. --
  53. The politics of race, class and special education : the selected works of sally tomlinson / Sally Tomlinson. --
  54. Putting education to work : how Cristo Rey high schools are transforming urban education / Megan Sweas. --
  55. Queer teachers, identity and performativity / edited by Anne Harris and Emily M. Gray. --
  56. Reimagining education reform and innovation / edited by Matthew Lynch. --
  57. The road to tenure : interviews, rejections, and other humorous experiences / edited by Erin Marie Furtak and Ian Parker Renga. --
  58. Rules of use : language and instruction in early modern England / Julian Lamb. --
  59. Sacrifice and survival : identity, mission, and Jesuit higher education in the American South / R. Eric Platt. --
  60. The school choice journey : school vouchers and the empowerment of urban families / Thomas Stewart and Patrick J. Wolf foreword by Joe Lieberman. --
  61. The schooled society : the educational transformation of global culture / David P. Baker. --
  62. Social class and educational inequality : the impact of parents and schools / Iram Siraj, Aziza Mayo. --
  63. Social efficiency and instrumentalism in education : critical essays in ontology, phenomenology, and philosophical hermeneutics / James M. Magrini. --
  64. Sociocultural studies in education : critical thinking for democracy / Richard A. Quantz. --
  65. Student engagement in today's learning environments : engaging the missing catalyst of lasting instructional reform / Justin A. Collins. --
  66. Task sequencing and instructed second language learning / edited by Melissa Baralt, Roger Gilabert and Peter Robinson. --
  67. Theoretical models of learning and literacy development / by Evan Ortlieb. --
  68. This is not a test : a new narrative on race, class, and education / Jose Luis Vilson. -- 2014.
  69. Thomas Jefferson's philosophy of education : a utopian dream / M. Andrew Holowchak. --
  70. Underprivileged school children and the assault on dignity : policy challenges and resistance / edited by Julia Hall. --
  71. Women educators, leaders and activists : educational lives and networks 1900-1960 / edited by Tanya Fitzgerald, La Trobe University, Australia, Elizabeth Smyth, University of Toronto, Canada. --
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