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Recent Acquisitions in Education

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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Academic profiling : Latinos, Asian Americans, and the achievement gap / Gilda L. Ochoa. --
  2. Accelerated expertise : training for high proficiency in a complex world / Robert R. Hoffman, Paul Ward, Paul J. Feltovich, Lia Dibello, Stephen M. Fiore, and Dee H. Andrews. --
  3. Advances in help-seeking research and applications : the role of emerging technologies / edited by Stuart A. Karabenick, University of Michigan and Minna Puustinen, INS HEA. --
  4. Auto/biography and pedagogy : memory, and place in teaching / Freema Elbaz-Luwisch. --
  5. Becoming teachers of inner-city students : life histories and teacher stories of committed white teachers / James C. Jupp. -- c2013.
  6. Blinded by sight : seeing race through the eyes of the blind / Osagie K. Obasogie. --
  7. Book smart : how to develop and support successful, motivated readers / Anne E. Cunningham and Jamie Zibulsky. --
  8. Califia women : feminist education against sexism, classism, and racism / Clark A. Pomerleau. --
  9. CBEST : California Basic Educational Skills Test. -- c2011.
  10. Children crossing borders : immigrant parent and teacher perspectives on preschool / Joseph Tobin, Angela E. Arzubiaga, and Jennifer Keys Adair. --
  11. The children of immigrants at school : a comparative look at integration in the United States and Western Europe / edited by Richard Alba and Jennifer Holdaway. --
  12. Children's rights and education : international perspectives / edited by Beth Blue Swadener, Laura Lundy, Janette Habashi, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen. --
  13. Classrooms and clinics : urban schools and the protection and promotion of child health, 1870-1930 / Richard A. Meckel. --
  14. Closer readings of the common core : asking big questions about the English/language arts standards / Patrick Shannon, Editor. --
  15. The college curriculum : a reader / edited by Joseph L. DeVitis. --
  16. College ready : preparing black and Latina/o youth for higher education, a culturally relevant approach / Michelle G. Knight, Joanne E. Marciano foreword by Ronald S. Rochon. --
  17. Common core meets education reform : what it all means for politics, policy, and the future of schooling / edited by Frederick M Hess, Michael Q. McShane. --
  18. A critical inquiry framework for K-12 teachers : lessons and resources from the U.N. Rights of the Child / edited by JoBeth Allen, Lois Alexander. --
  19. Critical literacy in the early childhood classroom : unpacking histories, unlearning privilege / Candace R. Kuby foreword by Vivian M. Vasquez. --
  20. Digital learning lives : trajectories, literacies, and schooling / Ola Erstad. --
  21. Early childhood education, postcolonial theory, and teaching practices and policies in India : balancing Vygotsky and the Veda / Amita Gupta. --
  22. Education and racism : a primer on issues and dilemmas / Zeus Leonardo and W. Norton Grubb. --
  23. Education and state formation : Europe, East Asia and the USA / Andy Green. --
  24. Education and the environment : creating standards-based programs in schools and districts / Gerald A. Lieberman. --
  25. Education feminism : classic and contemporary readings / edited by Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon, Lynda Stone, Katharine M. Sprecher. --
  26. Education under siege : frauds, fads, fantasies, and fictions in educational reform / Arthur Shapiro. --
  27. An educational psychology of classroom management : best professional practices in the multicultural classroom / Christopher Thao Vang. -- c2013.
  28. The emperor's new clothes? : issues and alternatives in uses of the portfolio in teacher education programs / edited by Kathy Sanford, Teresa Strong-Wilson. --
  29. Enter the alternative school : critical answers to questions in urban education / Alia R. Tyner-Mullings. --
  30. Experiencing Dewey : insights for today's classrooms / edited by Donna Adair Breault and Rick Breault. --
  31. Exploring globalization opportunities and challenges in social studies : effective instructional approaches / edited by Lydiah Nganga, John Kambutu, William B. Russell III. -- c2013.
  32. Fewer, clearer, higher : how the Common Core State Standards can change classroom practice / Robert Rothman. --
  33. The future of the urban community college : shaping the pathways to a multiracial democracy / Gunder Myran, Curtis L. Ivery, Michael H. Parsons, Charles Kinsley, editors. --
  34. Gap year : how delaying college changes people in ways the world needs / Joseph O'Shea. --
  35. Girls' education in Bangladesh : lessons from NGOs / Magdalena Falkowska. -- 2013.
  36. Global corruption report : education / Transparency International. --
  37. Handbook of urban education / edited by H. Richard Milner IV, Kofi Lomotey. --
  38. The hidden history of early childhood education / edited by Blythe Hinitz. --
  39. How college works / Daniel F. Chambliss, Christopher G. Takacs. --
  40. How humans learn to think mathematically : exploring the three worlds of mathematics / David Tall, emertis professor in mathematical thinking, University of warwick, visiting professor, Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University. --
  41. How universities work / John V. Lombardi. --
  42. Identity and language learning : extending the conversation / Bonny Norton afterword: Claire Kramsch. --
  43. Immigrant and native black college students : social experiences and academic outcomes / Audrey Alforque Thomas. --
  44. An improbable life : my sixty years at Columbia and other adventures / Michael I. Sovern. --
  45. Improvement by design : the promise of better schools / David K. Cohen, Donald J. Peurach, Joshua L. Glazer, Karen E. Gates, and Simona Goldin. --
  46. Innovative research and practices in second language acquisition and bilingualism / Edited by John W. Schwieter, Wilfrid Laurier University. --
  47. Inspiring dialogue : talking to learn in the English classroom / Mary M. Juzwik, Carlin Borsheim-Black, Samantha Caughlan, Anne Heintz foreword by Martin Nystrand. --
  48. Integrated education in conflicted societies / edited by Claire McGlynn, Michalinos Zembylas, and Zvi Bekerman. --
  49. Internationalisation of African higher education : towards achieving the MDGs / edited by Chika Schoole and Jane Knight. --
  50. Interthinking : putting talk to work / Karen Littleton, Neil Mercer. --
  51. Interviewing as qualitative research : a guide for researchers in education and the social sciences / Irving Seidman. -- c2013.
  52. Introducing Piaget : a guide for practitioners and students in early years education / Ann Marie Halpenny and Jan Pettersen. --
  53. Issues in the assessment of bilinguals / edited by Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole. --
  54. Laboratory of learning : HBCU Laboratory Schools and Alabama State College Lab High in the era of Jim Crow / Sharon Gay Pierson foreword by V.P. Franklin. --
  55. Latinos and education : a critical reader / edited by Antonia Darder and Rodolfo D. Torres. --
  56. Leading educational change : global issues, challenges, and lessons on whole-system reform / edited by Helen Janc Malone. --
  57. Left behind in the race to the top : realities of school reform / edited by Julie Gorlewski, Brad Porfilio. --
  58. Living on the edge : rethinking poverty, class, and schooling / John Smyth and Terry Wrigley. --
  59. Migrant teachers : how American schools import labor / Lora Bartlett. --
  60. Narrowing the achievement gap : schools and parents can do it / William Alfred Sampson. --
  61. Necessary spaces : exploring the richness of African American childhood in the South / Saundra Murray Nettles, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. --
  62. The new development paradigm : education, knowledge economy and digital futures / edited by Michael A. Peters, Tina (A.C.) Besley, Daniel Araya. --
  63. Paradigms of research for the 21st century : perspectives and examples from practice / edited by Antonina Lukenchuk. -- c2013.
  64. The peak performing professor : faculty guide to productivity and happiness / Susan Robison. --
  65. Philosophical perspectives on social cohesion : new directions for educational policy / Mary Healy. --
  66. Policing the campus : academic repression, surveillance, and the Occupy Movement / edited by Anthony J. Nocella II, and David Gabbard. --
  67. The public school advantage : why public schools outperform private schools / Christopher A. Lubienski and Sarah Theule Lubienski. --
  68. Queer voices from the classroom / edited by Hidehiro Endo and Paul Chamness Miller, Akita International University. --
  69. Raising literacy achievement in high-poverty schools : an evidence-based approach / Eithne Kennedy. --
  70. Reading recovery and every child a reader : history, policy, and practice / edited by Sue Burroughs-Lange and Amanda Ince. -- 2013.
  71. Reality calling : the story of a principal's first semester / Nicholas J. Pace. --
  72. The rebirth of education : schooling ain't learning / Lant Pritchett. --
  73. Reclaiming writing : composing spaces for identities, relationships, and actions / edited by Richard J. Meyer and Kathryn F. Whitmore. --
  74. Research in learning and teaching in educational leadership / edited by Liz Hollingworth, University of Iowa and Arnold Danzig, San Jose State University. --
  75. School-based instructional rounds : improving teaching and learning across classrooms / Lee Teitel. --
  76. Schooling Hip-Hop : expanding Hip-Hop based education across the curriculum / edited by Marc Lamont Hill, Emery Petchaue foreword by Jeff Chang afterword by H. Samy Alim. --
  77. Sex ed for caring schools : creating an ethics-based curriculum / Sharon Lamb. -- c2013.
  78. Sexuality and relationship education for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders : a professional's guide to understanding, preventing issues, supporting sexuality and responding to inappropriate behaviours / Davida Hartman illustrated by Kate Brangan. --
  79. The stewardship of higher education : re-imagining the role of education and wellness on community impact / edited by David M. Callego Perez and Joshua Ode. -- 2013.
  80. Straitjacket : how overregulation stifles creativity and innovation in education / George Goens and Philip Streifer. --
  81. Success academy : how Native American students prepare for college (and how colleges can prepare for them) / MaryJo Benton Lee. --
  82. Technology tools for students with autism : innovations that enhance independence and learning / by Katharina I. Boser, Ph. D., Matthew S. Goodwin, Ph. D., and Sarah Wayland, Ph. D. --
  83. Text messaging and literacy : the evidence / Clare Wood, Nenagh Kemp and Beverly Plester. --
  84. Transforming education : global perspectives, experiences and implications / edited by Robert A. DeVillar, Binbin Jiang, and Jim Cummins. --
  85. Understanding teacher education in contentious times : political cross-currents and conflicting interests / Catherine Cornbleth. --
  86. The values of American teachers : how teachers' values help stabilize unsteady democracy / Robert Slater. --
  87. What you need to know about privacy law : a guide for librarians and educators / Gretchen McCord. --
  88. When diversity drops : race, religion, and affirmative action in higher education / Julie J. Park. --
  89. Who's asking? : Native science, Western science, and science education / Douglas L. Medin and Megan Bang. --
  90. Whose knowledge counts in government literacy policies? : why expertise matters / edited by Kenneth S. Goodman, Robert C. Calfee, and Yetta M. Goodman. --
  91. The winds of freedom : addressing challenges to the university / Gerhard Casper. --
  92. Writing your thesis / Paul Oliver. -- c2014.
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