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Recent Acquisitions in Earth Sciences Books

Last update: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 03:03:58 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. The 21 February 2008 Mw 6.0 Wells, Nevada earthquake : a compendium of earthquake-related investigations prepared by the University of Nevada, Reno / edited by Craig M. dePolo and Daphne D. LaPointe. --
  2. America's public lands : from Yellowstone to Smokey Bear and beyond / Randall K. Wilson. --
  3. The atlas of California : mapping the challenges of a new era / Richard A. Walker and Suresh K. Lodha. -- ©2013.
  4. Atmospheric research from different perspectives : bridging the gap between natural and social sciences / Ralf Koppmann, editor. --
  5. Cloud dynamics / Robert A. Houze, Jr. --
  6. Deformation structures and processes within the continental crust / edited by S. Llana-Fúnez, A. Marcos and F. Bastida, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain. --
  7. Environmental geology : an earth systems science approach / Dorothy Merritts, Kirsten Menking, Andrew De Wet. --
  8. Flood forecast : climate risk and resiliency in Canada / Robert William Sandford and Kerry Freek. --
  9. The fundamentals of human factors design for volunteered geographic information / Christopher J. Parker. --
  10. Fundamentals of physical geography / James F. Petersen, Dorothy Sack, Robert E. Gabler. --
  11. Glacial geomorphology of the central South Island, New Zealand / D.J.A. Barrell, B.G. Andersen, G.H. Denton. -- c2011.
  12. Glaciology : glacier and avalanche research / Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Khan. -- [1994?]
  13. Governing the wild : ecotours of power / Stephanie Rutherford. -- ©2011.
  14. Historical GIS research in Canada / edited by Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin. --
  15. Hydrocarbon exploration to exploitation west of Shetlands / edited by S.J.C. Cannon, DONG Exploration & Production (UK) Ltd and D. Ellis, Statoil (UK) Ltd. --
  16. Hydrogeology : principles and practice / Kevin M. Hiscock and Victor F. Bense. --
  17. Image analysis, classification and change detection in remote sensing : with algorithms for ENVI/IDL and Python Morton J. Canty. -- [2014]
  18. The incomparable valley : a geologic interpretation of the Yosemite / by François E. Matthes edited by Fritiof Fryxell. -- 1956, ©1950.
  19. Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems in atmospheric and oceanic science / Daiwen Huang, Boling Guo, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China. --
  20. Microwave radar and radiometric remote sensing / Fawwaz T. Ulaby, David G. Long with contributions by William Blackwell, Charles Elachi, Adrian Fung, Chris Ruf, Kamal Sarabandi, Howard Zebker, Jakob van Zyl. -- c2014.
  21. Mobility data management and exploration / Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis. --
  22. Modeling the ionosphere-thermosphere system / Joseph Huba, Robert Schunk, George Khazanov, editors. --
  23. The next tsunami : living on a restless coast / Bonnie Henderson. --
  24. Participatory mapping : new data, new cartography / Jean-Christophe Plantin. --
  25. Phanerozoic paleoclimate : an atlas of lithologic indicators of climate / Arthur J. Boucot ... [et al.]. -- c2013.
  26. Principles of electromagnetic methods in surface geophysics / A.A. Kaufman, D. Alekseev, M. Oristaglio. --
  27. Principles of mathematical petrophysics / John H. Doveton. --
  28. Range wars : the environmental contest for White Sands Missile Range / Ryan H. Edgington. --
  29. Sea-level science : understanding tides, surges, tsunamis and mean sea-level changes / David Pugh, Philip Woodworth. --
  30. Sediment-body geometry and heterogeneity : analogue studies for modelling the subsurface / edited by A.W. Martinius, J.A. Howell, and T.R. Good. --
  31. Sediment provenance studies in hydrocarbon exploration and production / edited by R.A. Scott, H.R. Smyth, A.C. Morton and N. Richardson. --
  32. Stone in historic buildings : characterization and performance / edited by J. Cassar, University of Malta, Malta [and six others]. --
  33. A stratigraphical basis for the Anthropocene / edited by: C.N. Waters, British Geological Survey, UK, J.A. Zalasiewicz, University of Leicester, UK, M. Williams, University of Leicester, UK, M. Ellis, British Geological Survey, UK and A.M Snelling, British Geological Survey, UK. --
  34. Surface wave methods for near-surface site characterization / Sebastiano Foti, Carlo G. Lai, Glenn J. Rix, Claudio Strobbia. --
  35. The thinking person's guide to climate change / Robert Henson. --
  36. Typhoon turning atlas / Weihong Qian, Xiaolong Shan, Haoyuan Liang, Peking University, China. --
  37. Understanding earth / John Grotzinger Thomas H. Jordan. --
  38. Understanding Earth / John Grotzinger, Thomas H. Jordan. --
  39. Urban maps : instruments of narrative and interpretation in the city / Richard Brook and Nick Dunn. -- ©2011.
  40. The Variscan Orogeny : extent, timescale and the formation of the European crust / edited by K. Schulmann, J.R. Martínez Catalan, J.M. Lardeaux, V. Janoušek and G. Oggiano. --
  41. Voice and environmental communication / edited by Jennifer Peeples, Utah State University, USA, Stephen Depoe, University of Cincinnati, USA. --
  42. Wieviel Landwirtschaft braucht der Mensch? Agriculture et société : eine ungeschminkte Standortbestimmung : une invitation au dialogue : Tagungsbericht der wissenschaftlichen Tagung der Stiftung Forum Davos in Zusammenarbeit mit der ETH Zürich, 22.-24. Juni 1995 in Davos / Herausgeber, Caspar Wenk. -- c1995.
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