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Recent Acquisitions in Earth Sciences Books

Last update: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 07:19:59 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Aquatic organic matter fluorescence / edited by Paula G. Coble, Jamie Lead, Andy Baker, Darren M. Reynolds, Robert G.M. Spencer. --
  2. AVO / Satinder Chopra and John Castagna. --
  3. Beyond the big ditch : politics, ecology, and infrastructure at the Panama Canal / Ashley Carse. --
  4. Climate change and poverty : a new agenda for developed nations / Tony Fitzpatrick. --
  5. Climate conundrums : what the climate debate reveals about us / William B. Gail. --
  6. Climate time series analysis : classical statistical and bootstrap methods / Manfred Mudelsee. -- 2014.
  7. Data analysis methods in physical oceanography / Richard E. Thomson and William J. Emery. --
  8. Di qiu hua xue jin zhan : 30 jie guo ji di zhi da hui wen ji / Zhu bian Tu Guangchi, Ouyang Ziyuan = Developments in geochemistry : contribution to 30th International Geological Congress / editors in chief, Tu Guangzhi, Ouyang Ziyuan. --
  9. Dynamic systems and dynamic classification problems in geophysical applications / J.O. Dubois, A. Gvishiani. -- 1998.
  10. Earth transformed / William F. Ruddiman. --
  11. The energy-climate continuum : lessons from basic science and history / Antoine Bret. -- 2014.
  12. A French-English vocabulary in geology and physical geography / by G.M. Davies. -- 1960.
  13. Fundamental controls on fluid flow in carbonates : current workflows to emerging technologies / edited by S. M. Agar, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, USA, and S. Geiger, Heriot-Watt University, UK. --
  14. Future arctic : field notes from a world on the edge / Edward Struzik. --
  15. The Galápagos : a natural laboratory for the Earth sciences / Karen S. Harpp, Eric Mittelstaedt, Noémi d'Ozouville, David W. Graham, editors. --
  16. Geodynamics of a cordilleran orogenic system : the central Andes of Argentina and northern Chile / Peter G. DeCelles, Mihai N. Ducea, Barbara Carrapa, Paul A. Kapp. --
  17. Geological evolution of ocean basins : results from the Ocean Drilling Program / edited by A. Cramp [and others]. -- 1998.
  18. Geomorphological fieldwork / edited by Mary J. Thornbush, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK Casey D. Allen, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado Denver, Colorado, USA Faith A. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Geological Survey, Wisconsin Water Science Center, Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. --
  19. Governing borders and security : the politics of connectivity and dispersal / edited by Catarina Kinnvall and Ted Svensson. --
  20. How climate change comes to matter : the communal life of facts / Candis Callison. --
  21. The initiation, propagation, and arrest of joints and other fractures / edited by J.W. Cosgrove and T. Engelder. -- ©2004.
  22. Island on fire : the extraordinary story of a forgotten volcano that changed the world / Alexandra Witze & Jeff Kanipe. --
  23. Living with thunder : exploring the geologic past, present, and future of the Pacific Northwest / Ellen Morris Bishop. --
  24. Map projections : cartographic information systems / by Erik W. Grafarend with Rey-Jer You, Rainer Syffus. --
  25. Mapping manifest destiny : Chicago and the American West / curated by Michael P. Conzen and Diane Dillon. -- c2007.
  26. The mapping of North America : a list of printed maps / by Philip D. Burden. -- ©1996-©2007.
  27. Modeling Atmospheric and Oceanic Flows : Insights from Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulations / Thomas von Larcher, Paul D. Williams, editors. --
  28. Modern climate change science : an overview of today's climate change science / G. Thomas Farmer. --
  29. Ocean worlds : the story of seas on Earth and other planets / Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams. --
  30. Palaeohydrology as reflected in lake-level changes as climatic evidence for Holocene times / edited by Sandy P. Harrison [and others]. -- 1998.
  31. Physical geography: the global environment / H. J. de Blij, Michigan State University, Peter O. Muller, University of Miami, James E. Burt, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Joseph A. Mason, University of Wisconsin-Madison. --
  32. Principles of the gravitational method / A.A. Kaufman and R.O. Hansen. -- 2008.
  33. Reconstructing Quaternary environments / John Lowe and Mike Walker. --
  34. Remote sensing of the terrestrial water cycle / Venkat Lakshmi [and twelve others], editors. --
  35. Sediment fluxes in coastal areas / Mohamed Maanan, Marc Robin, editors. --
  36. Seĭsmoakusticheskie metody izuchenii︠a︡ massivov skalʹnykh porod / A.I. Savich, V.I. Koptev [and others] pod redakt︠s︡ieĭ A.M. Epinatʹevoĭ. -- 1969.
  37. Solutions in lidar profiling of the atmosphere / Vladimir A. Kovalev. --
  38. Southern waters : the limits to abundance / Craig E. Colten. --
  39. Space-time variation of hydrological processes and water resources in Rwanda - focus on the Migina catchment / Omar Munyaneza. -- 2014.
  40. Understanding human ecology : a systems approach to sustainability / Robert Dyball and Barry Newell. --
  41. Volcanism and tectonism across the inner solar system / edited by T. Platz, M. Massironi, P.K. Byrne, H. Hiesinger. --
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