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Recent Acquisitions in Earth Sciences Books

Last update: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 03:06:07 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Advances in the study of fractured reservoirs / edited by G.H. Spence [and six others]. --
  2. Atlas naselja Vojvodine. knjiga I, Srem / Dr Slobodan Ćurčić (rukovodilac projekta) [and three others]. --
  3. Deposits, architecture, and controls of carbonate margin, slope, and basinal settings / edited by Klaas Verwer, Ted E. Playton and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris. --
  4. Earthquakes and animals [electronic resource] : from folk legends to science / Motoji Ikeya. -- c2004.
  5. Earth's deep history : how it was discovered and why it matters / Martin J.S. Rudwick. --
  6. Elements of physical hydrology / George M. Hornberger, Patricia L. Wiberg, Jeffrey P. Raffensperger, Paolo D'Odorico. --
  7. Environmental tracers in subsurface hydrology / edited by Peter G. Cook and Andrew L. Herczeg. -- ©2000.
  8. European margin sediment dynamics : side-scan sonar and seismic images / Jürgen Mienert, Philip Weaver. eds. -- c2003.
  9. Extrastatecraft : the power of infrastructure space / Keller Easterling. --
  10. Fluid dynamics of the midlatitude atmosphere / Brian J. Hoskins, Ian N. James. --
  11. Forest hydrology : an introduction to water and forests / Mingteh Chang. -- c2003.
  12. Four revolutions in the earth sciences : from heresy to truth / James Lawrence Powell. --
  13. Gazetteer to maps of Sumatra, map series AMS T511, Scale 1:250,000. -- 1944.
  14. Geodynamics, sedimentation and biotic response in the context of India-Asia collision : proceedings of the nation seminar, November 26-28, 2009 / editor, Raghavendra P. Tiwari. -- 2011.
  15. Geomorphology of desert dunes / Nicholas Lancaster. -- 1995.
  16. GIS tutorial for Python scripting / David W. Allen. --
  17. Image analysis, classification and change detection in remote sensing : with algorithms for ENVI/IDL and Python / Morton J. Canty. -- [2014]
  18. Keys to the city : how economics, institutions, social interactions, and politics shape development / Michael Storper. --
  19. The map thief : the gripping story of an esteemed rare-map dealer who made millions stealing priceless maps / Michael Blanding. --
  20. Marine tephrochronology / edited by W.E.N. Austin, P.M. Abbott, S.M. Davies, N.J.G. Pearce, S. Wastegård. --
  21. Modern French-English [English-French] dictionary, by Marguerite-Marie Dubois, with the collaboration of Charles Cestre [and others] Chief editor: William Maxwell Landers. -- [1965, ©1960]
  22. Mollusk shells as bio-geo-archives : evaluating environmental changes during the Quaternary / Sandra Gordillo, María Sol Bayer, Gabriella Boretto, Melisa Charó. --
  23. Nature, choice and social power / Erica Schoenberger. --
  24. Papers from the 2005 International Symposium on High-Elevation Glaciers and Climate Records held in Lanzhou, China, on 5-9 September, 2005 / [chief editors, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Lonnie G. Thompson]. -- c2006.
  25. Principles of snow hydrology / David R. DeWalle, Albert Rango. -- 2008.
  26. Understanding geology through maps / Graham Borradaile. --
  27. Vuga's alfabetische plaatsnamengids van Nederland / samengesteld door H.J. Dammer-Vos. -- 1979.
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